Sunday, February 24, 2008

Where Does the Time Go?

It has become apparent to me, after the last couple of days, that it may take a bit of time before I am in a rhythm of writing here.  I always feel that I need so much more time in every day, just to accomplish the things I NEED to.  Add in a couple of things that I WANT to do and I am sunk.  Pile on three snockery noses, coughs and a "quickie" two-hour-away trip to Great-Grandma's birthday party yesterday and I am absolutely BURIED.  Did I mention that my husband is away evenings and weekends working on our "second home"  (hahaha) and that I have less than two weeks to finish (sewing and buying) gifts for my brother's wedding, making shoes for ellerie for said wedding, buttons on calvin's suit for said wedding, planning a friend birthday party for a very excited turning-five-year-old, finishing end of the month billing for my second job, AND that somewhere in there I have to manage to color my roots?  What was it I said about this being the perfect time to start this BLOG?  Yeesh!  

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