Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sewing Lesson

Cal was home from school yesterday with a sore throat. It really was sore, I'm sure. His glands were like hard little marbles in the sides of his neck and all swollen up on the inside. But he didn't have a fever and was, in general, okay. In fact, he spent much of the day driving me nuts and fighting with his brother and making me yell that I really wish I had sent him to school because he didn't seem very sick to me. Admittedly, I was having a crabby day myself yesterday and his agitating behaviors and general stirring of my "normal routine" pot just did nothing to soothe my already ruffled mood.

In the morning, I worked out. That was good except when Cal went over trying to lift all the free weights and proceeded to yell at me "but I CAN" when I told him to put them down before he dropped one on his foot or hurt himself. Then he informed me that he wanted to start lifting weights. AAAHHG. "Cal, you're too young to lift weights. It's not good for growing muscles and ligaments. The only exercise you need is just to run around and play. I am NOT teaching you how to lift weights." This was followed by more yelling and defiance. My blood was boiling with him at this point, but a switch went on in my brain as I recalled a request of his over the weekend.

"Teach me to sew, Mama."

Ah... A DIVERGENCE! And it worked.

I was actually pretty impressed with his care and concentration. He even had decent control over the pedal and feed.

A small rectangle of art.

Only now he wants to actually make something.

Now me TEACHING Calvin just about anything never seems to end well. BUT, it's better than a six year old weight lifting.

::deep breath::

I can do this.



Kirsten said...

Mother and I have both survived sewing together despite some screaming sessions.:)

nicola@which name? said...

awesome! i hope this happens with my kids. (the sewing, not the driving me crazy.)
so far, lala has shown short term interest, but the attention span is limited!

Feather said...

those pictures of your boy at the sewing machine are just so sweet. such a moment captured. you could have posted those pictures and wrote some story about how you spent the day with your little boy who isn't so little anymore and the two of you spent an entire school day together, sewing, and chatting over grilled cheese, and watching movies. those pictures would have fit in nicely with that peachy story. but you didn't, and that's why i love you and this blog. you are real, your stories are real, and i relate to them every TIME!
your sewing divergence was simply brilliant. that's what makes you a great mom. you go, girl!

Sherrie said...

Kirsten dear you crack me up!

Liss he looks much more relaxed at the sewing machine than I will ever be! I will pray for you as you teach....I have one son that BEGGED me to homeschool and we could never get through a homework lesson without one of us in tears (usually me!)There was no way I was taking on homeschooling, in hind sight I think that was my mistake.....

Artfulife said...

Love it! I say start small with something like a pillow. He'll get the itch for sewing. Too fun. Every boy should know how to sew.

Dana said...

You can totally do this.

So? How'd it turn out?