Monday, February 1, 2010

Ramble On Therapy

Oh, hello there. I haven't been meaning to not be here. I've composed several posts in my head. And wrote one (horridly self pitying and depressing) in a notebook. I'd like to "do it all" (whatever that means); I'm just going insane.

Last week developed into a couple grumpy days and some grumpyish/sickish sorts of children. And then I took Tate to school leaving the breezeway door wide open. I did lock the door to the house at least, but I just drove away and never even noticed. I "wasted time" at Salvation Army while Tate was at school, purchasing a darling vintage book that later turned out to have a page missing. I know I can't expect much for 69 cents, but it made me crabby. I left school twice and had to turn around and go back. The first time for boots and the second for Tate's papers. When I tried to start a project at home I ::ahem:: inadvertently referred to a "clamp" as a "vice grip" when asking my husband where to find such an item. He couldn't understand why it wasn't in the bucket. I couldn't understand why it WOULD be in the bucket and didn't get anywhere with the project other than carrying my piano bench downstairs. We had an "incident" at school with Calvin. Everything is fine and I guess he didn't really even get in trouble. From what I can understand, it was a bit of play fighting that got a little out of hand. Really, I was very proud of Cal. He came to me even before the teacher did and told me what happened and apologized. But still, it happened and somebody else's mother seems to be very upset about it and, as much as I know Cal wasn't in the wrong any more than the other boy, I don't like thinking there is a mom out there that sees my boy as a deviant. Then on Friday, Ellerie decided to flood the upstairs bathroom by overflowing the sink. I was on the phone and loading the dishwasher when suddenly water started pouring out my kitchen light fixture! ACK! And, for some reason, I've decided to up the ante on potty training Elle because I am SO RIDICULOUSLY SICK OF HER UNCOOPERATIVENESS IN THIS DEPARTMENT. Oh, right. That was the reason. So much for girls being easier to train that boys. And so much for cloth diapers encouraging them to use the potty sooner. My kids could make bunk of just about any rule of thumb you throw at them.

My house is a wreck. There's a hole in my kitchen ceiling. I am not allowed to have a rational conversation with my husband in order to make decisions about anything as long as the kids are awake. I'm behind on the laundry, AGAIN. I was 20 minutes late to preschool, AGAIN. Tate dumped a half a bottle of juice on the kitchen floor today. Let's just say things are a bit dicey around here. Call it winter blues or cabin fever or a family of monkeys, it's all the same to me. But that neck warmer up there? That one's for me.


Feather said...

oh, my friend. is it too early to pop open a bottle of wine? in this case, i don't think so! so, hold up your glass, girl...i'm filling 'er up.

i have a headache now, as i'm sure you do, from reading your shambles of a life. currently. you know, it will get better. ellerie won't go to high school in diapers. it's miniscule, really. there are things to stress about in life (like water pouring out of a light fixture) and then there are things we shouldn't stress over. and in this category i'm putting potty training. it shouldn't be stressful. if it is, then she isn't ready. slap a diaper back on that girl and leave it alone. your sanity will thank you.

and mom's who think your kid is a deviant? yeah, they are the ones that are stressing about potty training. and memorizing multiplication tables at age 5. and being perfectly perfect all the perfect day through. you will always look like you are raising deviants next to them. who cares?

gee, you got me all riled up! can i have another glass of wine now?

Artfulife said...

Bummer! Take comfort in the fact that everyone, not just you have weeks like this. Seriously, you are so not alone in this department. Thank you for sharing. It helps the rest of us feel normal. Miss you too. I'll drop a line later today-Hugs-Summie

Melissa Crowe said...

You are SO sweet to say all this just to make ME feel better about my own insane life. Friend points to you, my dear. ;-)

Sherrie said...

For real, put the potty training aside for now. Summer is better for that anyway! And I agree with the whole cloth diaper bunk....Cade took his own sweet time,peer pressure meant nothing to the kid either but once he decided he was the easiest!
This stage doesn't last long just seems like it while you are IN it.
Praying for a better week for you!

Dana said...

All things aside, that neck warmer rocks. And really, it is all about the rockin' things in life, right? Too bad we are usually knee deep in the cruddy stuff to notice the rockin'. I'm sorry you had more than your fair share of cruddy last week.

nicola@which name? said...

oh elissa. huge hugs. been there. done that.
ditto ditto ditto.
first, ditto on potty training my girl. finnian is so much further ahead on potty training than lala was at that age. email me if you want to know how far we upped the ante.
and the water and spillage....ummmm are ellerie and finnian comparing notes? i am now down 2 bottles of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner (all dumped by my dimpled cutie). that doesn't include the gallons of water down the drain from flushing the toilet repeatedly. and you'll laugh when i say this happens during the moments the bathroom door, normally latched closed because of my little trouble maker, is open so my other bigger trouble maker can use the bathroom.

i have no words of advice. except a very strong drink.


Amber said...

I always see your cute face peeking out behind your camera on all your comments on Heather's blog (I adore Heather. She's all that and a bag of chips. Um, or something like that). So I journeyed on over here and I am so glad I did.

I was having a trainwreckofaweek. And for some reason, reading that others have similarly sucky times made me feel better. Normal.

So thanks. Not for having a grumpy few days, but for venting about them so my feelings felt justified.

UK lass in US said...

What a lovely neckwarmer.

I know how you feel. 2010 isn't going so great here. Nothing disasterous, just all the *little* stuff going wrong. I look at the things that others are going through and know that I am lucky, but a break from the run of bad luck would be nice... really nice...