Monday, January 11, 2010

Catch Up

It's been crazy snowing here. I think we had 8 straight days of snow. The tire swing is sitting on the snow and that big pile is a the beginning of a sledding hill made with snow from the roof and patio.

While it's been so cold and snowy, I've been blessed with a renewed sense of clarity for future plans and projects and a desire to get moving on them. Maybe it is being inside so much, but there is something about the winter and a desire to change the walls and spaces at which I am constantly staring. We've been here going on 2 years and had never really tackled the basement. Mike tore down a wall with mold on it before we moved in and we threw a bunch of boxes and random stuff down there. We made a little space and path for laundry and a jumbly gym area and just let it sit in all its messy glory while we focused on other stuff.

But all the moving around of furniture for Christmas and the blank page of a new year had me itching for projects. Unfortunately a lot of the projects on my list require a great deal more money that we currently have at our disposal. Organizing the basement though, is mostly elbow grease and decisive thinking, and so we dove in. A thing of beauty, it is not. But it is functional now and cleanish (save the bar area) and cozy (or will be when the wall is back up), so I'm happy.

We made a space for snacking and playing games in front of the bar.

A space to work out (of which I always have the most serious intentions of being good about doing regularly) or hang out and watch tv. Too bad about that missing wall. It's on the list.

I have tons of ideas in my head for sprucing it up: paint, storage, cushions, lighting, but I think we'll start with that wall. Not bad for just some cleaning out and rearranging.

And, as for those other projects that are in my head. Well, thanks to moving the gym stuff, Mike (and I) will now be able to make up a proper workshop area. First up on THAT list? Ellie's bunkbeds. Now that she's seen them, she keeps asking about when she can sleep in them. Of course, I told her they had to be fixed and painted and put together first.

"Okay," she tells me. "We can paint them pink?"

::deep breath:: "Sure you don't want a pretty green or blue?"

"NO! Pink."
That's my girl. Pink it shall be.


Artfulife said...

Make it a vintage pink & scuff it up so that a little vintage pale green paint can show through :) Missed you too friend. I'll have to send you an email here very soon. Love the basement by the way. What a wonderful space! We wish we had one. Happy New Year. Can't wait to see what it holds in store for all.

Feather said...

i'm jealous over your basement. pretty or not. you did well sprucing it up.
i'm all over your gym, too. you've got quite the collection of dumbbells. you lift all those? i'll be over in the morning to get my sweat on!

nicola@which name? said...

GOOD for you! you have done a great job organizing and making use of space! our garage/basement is dingy and gross and missing walls too. (walls the enclose the bathroom the previous owners stuck in there.
i find it is the combo of lacking money and lacking time that screws with my plans!

Suzie Sews said...

Thats one fabby basement

Theresa said...

Apparently it really is that time of year - I just decided that it's time to replace the Monet poster that I bought 12 years ago to hang in the condo, which has been hanging over the fireplace for the last six years, making me feel like an overaged college student. I'm not done, as I'm waiting for the prints to arrive in the mail, but I blew up some slides that Dad took on his various "western safaris," as he called them. I got some frames for them on sale at Kohls, and they're hanging there, waiting for their contents to arrive...

Granted, we're also doing the higher-budget stuff like replacing the 24-year-old living room couches, but I think the frames are exciting me more!

And, six years later, we STILL haven't done much in the basement. In that giant space, exactly ONE room is vaguely organized, and the rest look - seriously - like the room at the end of Grandma's hallway. Not the playroom, the one next to the attic. The one that was literally stacked floor to ceiling with...precious stuff...?

Feather said...

knock, knock...
i sent a little award your way. because you make my day.
check mi casa for detail.

beemahoney said...

I am not normally a covetous person *) this basement is perfect!