Thursday, September 3, 2009

Country Visit

Yesterday we took a drive into the country to see my oldest and dearest friend. It was her birthday and a lovely weather day and utter craziness with 9 children (7 of whom were boys) in the morning, but totally worth it. The pool was too cold (although tested by Adam and Tate), but the dog dish

and some local grapes

seemed to work just fine.

We are missing our friends today. The big boys, Mitchell and Evan, who included Calvin in some baseball and graciously GAVE him his Lego creation (the niceness of which he is still talking about), Adam who adventurously did anything with anybody (cold pools, climbing trees, you name it) and dear little Polly (even if Elle does keep calling her Laurie, she also calls her "my fwend").

Miss you too Meg. Why do I never take a picture?


nicola said...

oh, it sounds heavenly! glad you got that kind of time with your friend!

Jessica said...

Times with old friends are great--they always go too fast!

beemahoney said...

"Laurie" really loved seeing Ellie too - she especially liked wearing her hand me down PJs last night! We loved having you in our madness - thank you xo