Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Birthday Weekend

Well thank you everyone for all the birthday love! I got a little at home too. My boys wrapped up whatever oddities they found around the house to give me as presents and made me cards. Here is what I made with the legos from Cal. It's my retirement villa ;-)

Michael's birthday is actually the day after mine, so there was some generosity for him as well.

Since Mike and I have our own private holiday, we often don't do presents for each other, but just do or buy something together. Sometimes we go out to dinner, or buy something for the house or just do a little shopping. This year we went mini-golfing as a family on Saturday and spent the weekend checking out my "new" vintage games from my friend Korana.

The boys were all over the 1978 Incredible Hulk game, but I preferred Uncle Wiggly for my birthday game. I tell you, it was as much fun as playing with my Gram when I was a kid.

Daddy won, much to Tate's dramatic dismay. In spite of the fact that he spent most of the game in or near last place hanging out with my rheumatic bunny, he was totally convinced that he was going to win and SEVERELY crushed when that did not occur.

Mike made us a delicious cake with fluffy pudding frosting, a tremendous sacrifice on his part as he loves super-sweet buttercream.

Maybe next year we'll go half and half.


Kathy said...

I wanna play uncle wiggly too! Does it have the bad pipsisewah?

nicola said...

happy birthday to mike, too! i LOVE the lego get-away! LOL
and the cake....can i come over for leftovers?

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that you don't still have your own original Uncle Wiggly game, given how much you loved that game! Perhaps you would like to shop in my basement - Lay an Egg, Trouble, Chutes and Ladders, LIFE, Ker-Plunk...

Artfulife said...

Happy Birthday! Belated! I just know this year will be a good one. Remember, 3 is the magic number. The fact that you have 2 of them in your age can only mean good things are to come.

Anna said...

How wonderful! And I do love your vintage board games.