Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bad Mama

In my defense, I've been a little off my game lately. Last week included an expensive repair to our boiler (which, being original to the house- i.e. almost 50 years old- truly needs to be replaced but that 5 or 6 grand isn't currently lying around) and the announcement by the boiler guy that the good news was our boiler was fixed, but the bad news was that our hot water tank was leaking. And the leak got worse, so we had to have that replaced. And one day the bus driver forgot Calvin and this morning Calvin's new lunch bag was missing and, well, I guess I've been a little stressed out. And, this afternoon, was Tate's first REAL day of this year's preschool, since yesterday was really just a meet and greet, but it was the AFTERNOON and I just was worried about getting there on time and the van starting and well, I *ahem* neglected to take his picture before he left. Now I would never tell anyone else who forgot to take their kid's picture that they were a bad mama, but it DOES make me feel bad. And even more so because it is Tate, and if anyone is going to get lost in the shuffle, it's him. Well, we'll try next week. In the meantime, his first painting of the year: Pink House.

It made me feel really GOOD that it was a picture, not just a color blob like all the other kids. So what if he's almost a year older than most of them, I can still think he's a genius right?


Melissa Crowe said...

I forgot to take A's picture on the first day of school, too. Luckily one of the teachers took and posted pictures to facebook. Saved.

And did Tate me that picture for ME? I think he did.

Patty T said...

Um, in 20 years he won't know that the picture you took was on the second day of least that's what I'm telling myself about 2 or 3 of our first day pictures. Heck, I forgot all together this year and am just going to rely on a school picture to remember what they looked like at the "beginning" of the school year. I think we need pedicures to solve our mommy woes. Don't you?

Feather said...

oh, girlfriend, just take a picture on the second day of school. in twenty years, it will look like the first! (of course, I am just assuming. I mean, I would never forget to take a picture on my child's first day of school (*ahem*).

nicola said...

huge hugs. been there done that.
when it rains, it pours, eh?
i know, crappy cliche, but sadly true.

Dana said...


And it is ok. Next week's picture will count just fine. Promise!

Artfulife said...

Love the painting Tate! I'm with Feather, take a 2nd day picture.