Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Corny Kids

The kids had a great time at Nana and Papa's. They shared a ton of wonderful pics with me, but this is my favorite:

Amidst the veggie picking, ball playing, word puzzle solving and dancing, we were supposedly missed. I sure did miss them, but the break was good. And, more importantly, it makes me happy that our kids love to spend time with all their grandparents. Those are relationships that I am thrilled to (ahem) cultivate. ;-)


Korana said...

Those zucchinis look like zucchini bread waiting to happen!

nicola said...

ditto on grandparent relationships. it is tough, though, when you live nearby both sets!
and why isn't my zucchini doing that? i must be the only person who struggles to grow zucchini.

Sherrie said...

That is one darling picture :-)
It could be an ad for a County Fair LOL