Thursday, April 30, 2009

Treehouse Love

I've always wanted a treehouse. I grew up wanting this particular treehouse. Mike and I went to Disney World on our honeymoon (cheesy, I know, but fun) and I was almost in real tears upon discovery that THE treehouse was no longer there. A word of warning: this is a long clip, but totally worth it for the end when they open the skylight.

Little Tate has apparently caught the bug. He talks all the time about HIS tree house. He has parents there (his tree house mother is rather permissive) and 100 brothers and a fridge full of his favorite foods. Here is one of my favorite drawings, even after Ellie scribbled on it.

Then, earlier this week, Tate caught a glimpse of the new, husband-built, tree house over at The Old Red Barn Co. and said "That looks just like MY tree house!" Dana claims it is for her girls, but I know it's really going to be a guesthouse for me.

Then, doesn't Melissa go and stitch up a Hoop of Dreams on, like, the VERY NEXT DAY?

(This one is for sale, by the way, and if you have never been over to Little Pink House now is seriously the time to do it. 'Cuz if you don't want that one, you might want this one. Or you can just ask her to make you one of your own. You'll like Melissa. Not only is she talented, but her name rhymes with mine and I am pretty sure we're going to rock a GRRRL band together in our retirement. Although, don't ask me what I am going to be retiring from.)

And THEN, Mike sees an article in Family Fun Magazine about this place in Oregon.
Out'n'About Treehouse Treesort LLC
& Treehouse Institute© of Arts and Culture
Takilma, Oregon

This has quickly risen to the top of my "I want to go to there" vacation places list. Um, a TREEHOUSE RESORT??? Probably the only kind of resort you'd ever catch me in!!!!!

Clearly, someone is trying to tell me something. I've been wanting to purchase this book by Jeanie and David Stiles for quite awhile now.

What, we don't have TIME to build a tree house right now?


Well, maybe I just need to go rent Swiss Family Robinson from the library. SIGH. I gotta get my fix somewhere.

Dana, is my bed ready yet? ;-)


Korana said...

Don't bother renting, you can borrow my copy!

Dana said...

It will be after this weekend for sure!!!!! :) You are surely welcome anytime you want!

nicola said...

sweet! all of it...tate's drawing, your shared tree house love, and that place in oregon looks fabulous! i think for us, it would be yurts. i just want some land to plunk my yurt down.

Erin said...

Oh, I totally hear you.. I wish we had some woods in which we could build a tree house for the boys.. I'm sure I would decorate it all pretty though and want to have tea parties in it. :)

A Day That is Dessert said...

awesome! I would so love to have a treehouse. have a wonderful weekend!!

Sherrie said...

WHAT??? The Swiss Family Robinson tree house is gone from Disney? I had no idea. That was my dream house!

Anna said...

We've had the SWR bug for the last few months, too. (My poor youngest is tormented by images of that colossal snake they wrestle.)

That movie really does make the imagination alight.

UK lass in US said...

Oh, I've always wanted a tree house. I want a big enough garden with a big enough tree to house a treehouse, too. Sadly I don't think our avocado tree is up to the challenge...