Friday, April 24, 2009

Some More Things to Not Forget

Before we took off on our journey, my sweet friend Kelly brought these treats by for the whole family.....aren't they cute? We saved them and indulged when we got to the beach house and when I say indulged, I MEAN it: thick fudge brownies, covered in caramel, covered in white chocolate! Ooh MY! There is no way I could even eat my whole flower, but the kids CHOWED.

We stayed at a hotel in Virginia on the way down. We thought a stop about halfway wasn't a bad idea, as we didn't really know how the kids would do. I don't know if it was necessary. On the ride home, we just drove straight through. But the kids LOVED every minute of it. A building full of rooms? Fantastic! A room with it's own tv and bathroom? Double fantastic! Our own coffee maker and microwave in said room? Ridiculously fun in spite of the fact that they don't drink coffee and no longer know what a microwave is! You would have thought we were hanging out at the Ritz rather than a Holiday Inn Express. What? You say there is a POOL inside the building??? LET'S GO! The kids wrestled and jumped on the beds and were just generally giddy.

My Easter-basket pencil rolls were a big hit. Somehow managed not to get a picture of Tate's (darker stripes with dinosaur liner), but they are still using them.... especially Cal who is really starting to dig drawing. Fun, I love it. I filled them with Crayola twistable colored pencils, even though the idea of the wasted plastic kind of annoys me, they are perfect for little ones as they don't have to be sharpened. I did decide that were I to make these for an older child, I would add a spot for a sharpener, because nobody likes a dull pencil.

Kites on the beach were a big hit with the little boys... and the big ones (by which I mean both the teenagers and the Daddies and Uncles)

If you look closely at this picture, there is a small paper airplane caught in the bottom of the rails. It was incredible the amount of time that making paper airplanes and tossing them up into the loft and back down kept the boys (again, I am referring to ALL ages here) amused. I admit, I threw a few myself.

In my opinion, a "bubble tub" required a few more jets than this one had hitting my neck and back. Calvin, Tate and Ellerie could have cared less.

Oh, and Mike and I went too.


Dana said...

How cute are you??!!

nicola said...

dang! look how young and cute you both are! and that chocolate? how dare you make me crave that kind of yumminess when i have no such sweet in the house. to find the bag of chocolate chips. ;)
hey, the crayon rolls are adorable! did you make it on the fly or use a pattern? i imagine they were perfect for a car trip!