Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Warrior

The weekend was good. After a cold and rather miserable week and a lot of running around taking all three kids to free Splash Week at the local YMCA, the weekend was just the thing. Warm, mostly sunny with a bit of rain (The grass seed in the front lawn needs help. Please, oh please grow and cover the dirt and moss) I could hardly complain about a thing. And somewhere along the way, Spring REALLY arrived.

We were outside all weekend.
Getting dirty

And getting things done.

I believe I can safely say that Laundry on the Line season has officially begun.

Really, this was all just what I needed after a bit of post-vacation letdown. I am even okay with the mess inside today because I feel like we got so much accomplished OUT. I did begin to worry that I was developing some sort of OCD for pulling maple seedlings though. For every one I pulled, there were ten more I spotted nearby. I pulled HUNDREDS of them and there are still more waiting. In fact, there is a lot of outdoor work waiting. But I now have a decently picked up breezeway, a somewhat raked up lawn in the back and Mike cut down some more of the ugly bushes along the side of the house. Thankfully, I believe that is helping with the ant "problem" and the guys are coming today to quote about the glass block basement windows. Why is NOTHING in an older house a standard size??? Yeah, there is a lot to do. Sometimes I get really caught up in what ISN'T done and really worried about how we will ever do any of it and really impatient for it to already be a gorgeous outdoor oasis, but not today.

Today I'm off to a good start and I'm off to enjoy this hot, sunny day and to get my sheets hung out on that line.


Melissa Crowe said...

Okay, I LOVE those metal chairs. LOVE.

And if the ants are getting into your house, here's a good non-poison way to keep them out: fill a squirty bottle (not the spray kind, but something like those ones you put mustard in, as long as the hole is big enough--I think we used something that used to contain powdered chalk) full of the cheapest cinnamon you can get your hands on--we're talking dollar store. Then squirt a line of cinnamon around the perimeter of the house up close to the foundation, and you can even squirt it into cracks if you want. Turns out ants hate cinnamon and won't cross a line of it. We did this in Georgia, and it worked.

Dana said...

I have hunted for metal chairs like that for years and here you have a whole slew of them lined up outside your house. Sheesh!

Glad you had a great weekend.

nicola said...

i love those chairs! YAY for laundry lines! and man, i wish i were near you so i could take come maple seedlings off your hands. hey, one woman's pain-in-the-butt is another woman's treasure! oh, and if my grass can come back with a preschooler-assisted sprinkling of seeds, than yours can too!
which name?

lil songbird mama said...

awwww....i also have had my first day this year line drying....I love to air dry laundry!
And I also love your chairs!

beemahoney said...

beats the line drying I've been doing all winter! (frozen diapers are about half dry when brought in, I've learned) happy you've been happy in this strange warmth we've had -

Erin said...

LOVE the metal chairs and the laundry blowing in the wind.. makes me want a house in the country!

Oh, ants! Argh. We lived someplace a couple years ago and had the worst ant problem.. I seriously think I spent the entire spring and summer doing nothing but battling them!

I like Melissa's cinnamon idea.. plus it would smell nice. :)