Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Little Bird

Really, I do not know how our kids got so incredibly gorgeous.  I mean, Mike and I are alright, I guess, but these babes are just as perfect as can be :-)

Over the weekend, we celebrated Elliebelle's birthday at Nana Sue and Papa Paul's with the Great-Grandmas as well.  Ellerie was darling as can be, happily wearing her crown for, oh, at least 5 minutes so we could get pictures, and taking her job as birthday girl quite seriously.  

She was, of course, incredibly spoiled with gifts and love... which is a rather good way to spend a birthday, I'd say.

The boys got in on the action too and helped her by only STARTING to rip the paper for her.  Really.  They were actually very good.  

Elle,  you really are such a funny little girl.  Meg once compared you to Lucille Ball, and more and more I think she was on to something.  You are very funny, animated and interesting, even at two.  I can't wait to see where that takes you!

One of Ellerie's gifts was some dress-up tub animals, so Tate decided that he was VERY dirty in the middle of the day.

Speaking of very dirty....  somehow the pics of before cake and after cake are not in the right order, but I am not going back to try to fix it now.  

Happy Birthday Ellie!  There's more to come today :-)

Along with Ellerie's birthday, Nana snuck in Easter as we will be gone with the other grandparents by next weekend.  Drat, some more of my pics are missing, oh well.  The 131-egg hunt was a grand success.

Even Ellerie held her own!

Oh Ellie, dear, enjoy being two... it all spills so quickly into the next year.  Happy birthday, Little Bird!


Dana said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!

Melissa Crowe said...

Happy Birthday, Ellerie! Your present is on my work table, but it will make it's way to the mail very soon, I promise!

Sherrie said...

Happy Birthday Ellerie!
Lissa, enjoy these birthdays, because one day you wake up and they are turning 22 (Quinn on Thursday) and you don't even get to be with them! Seems like just yesterday that Quinn was turning 2!
She is a beautiful girl!

nicola said...

happy, happy birthday, beautiful bug!

Artfulife said...

What a precious little birthday girl! Where can I find the dress up tub animals? Those look super fun. Hope you have a blast on your trip.

UK lass in US said...

She is a little beauty - Happy Birthday to her. And that Birthday crown is stunning - really lovely.

beemahoney said...

oh Liss! little Lucy is just gorgeous in those photos ( and even more so in real life) the one of her with the cake? um, speechless. I love her. and you.

Patty T said...

What a beautiful girl! I especially love the hand over the mouth suprised by the cake picture. It made me laugh and get a little teary since my little girl is now NINE. It seems like only yesterday I was doing the same thing with my two year old. I love the birthday crown! Great job!

Carolyn said...

Your kids are definitely cute! Those are also GREAT pictures. How fun. I love Ellie's crown too--did you make it?

Thanks for that link for the paper dolls too. Who knew? :)

Anna said...

Oh, those curls! The hands and scrumptious cheeks!

It's undeniable. You do make perfect babes.

Erin said...

Aw, how sweet.. she looks so excited and happy! It's fun you get to celebrate Easter twice. :)