Friday, April 1, 2011

Innovation ;-)

So glad Mike stumbled across a solution for my typing woes and solved my "I never have time to exercise" dilemma in the process.

You're laughing right? Play the video. Now imagine everyone in an office or your house doing this at the same time. Good times.

In other news, my hands and arms have been MUCH better, so I should not have to convert to aerobic emails just yet. They're not perfect, but not waking me up at night, so I'm good. I cancelled the appointment and am just trying to manage my time with certain activities better.
Which does include typing so I am off to put laundry away which, unfortunately never seems to bother my hands and arms. I'd be happy to just do a funny little dance to get that done.


Jen said...

Is that a joke, or is it serious?! I am honestly having a hard time telling. I mean, it is just ridiculous, so it should be a joke, but a lot of products these days seem ridiculous to me, so who knows?!
Glad you are doing better!

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

That is Hysterical! I'm going to tell my kids that I'm putting that poster up and they have to do it that way if they want to use the computer because they spend so much time sitting in front of it ; )

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

Oops! Glad you are feeling better too! Sorry about the laundry though. Mine still isn't put away...

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Is that for real? Seriously, I am laughing in my head, but I am gullible, to be honest.

I am so sorry your pain has been that bad. Ugh.