Monday, April 11, 2011

The Party Life

We had a whole lot of birthdays this past week. My second youngest nephew turned 16. My baby girl(s) turned 4

and 1. Gigi got a play date with her best bud down the street. Literally 4 straight hours of this:

Then she proceeded to destroy half of her birthday presents within three days, including this awesome flying duck, and to help herself to her own cupcake at Saturday's birthday party. Ahem. Seriously rethinking this G(ood) G(irl) name.

My very youngest nephew also had a big day. He turned one! Such a cutie.

I made him his own birthday crown and was SO happy with how it turned out...

It is currently, however, a tad too big.

Doesn't matter on such a handsome little dude and hopefully it'll be just right starting next year.

Back to regular life for a week with decisions to make about yearbooks and book fairs and Easter baskets. I don't know why one of my pics loaded bigger and the rest tiny and it is driving me nuts but I am forcing myself not to waste time going back to fix it. Too many more important things to do like drinking my coffee and scooping dog poop. (Not at the same time though. That would be weird, even for me.) Plus I swear the laundry alone is a full time job around here. And I'm sick with some little virus that gives me the usual happy congestion, but throws in a nice kicker of me waking every day with a headache like I've been beaten all night with a hammer and every movement feels as if I'm getting one more knock. But it's 70 this morning. SEVENTY!!!! And I know it's gonna rain, but I must soak this day in before it's back to 50 tomorrow. So i'm off to try to do just that. And to take some more ibuprofen. ;-)


Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

My kind of party(ies)! precious photo's of the little ones, 2 & 4 legged. By any chance do you have Ligustrum blooming nearby? You sound like me this week and that's my culprit. putting my coffee Down now to go scoop poo ; )

Ha! My verification is 'hyper'no wonder I have all my office work done already. Well most of it...

Jen said...

That crown is seriously adorable! Did you make the doll, and if so, can we see a better picture of it?
The doggie playdate is hilarious! I am picturing them sitting at the table, having a snack (of dog biscuits), discussing the cute dog down the street!

UK lass in US said...

I love the wee crown with the paper aeroplane on. Happy birthday to them all!

Theresa said...

So, were GiGi and her buddy as fun to watch as Molly and Emily??

By the way, I have been meaning to send you an email of our schedule for this summer, but there are one or two things dangling out there that I'm waiting to settle! Soon, though!