Thursday, April 28, 2011

Random Bits

  • Maybe the pic is too small. But, really? Pizza Hut opens at 12 am on Sundays? I highly doubt that. Please management, this is a public building. Drives me insane.

  • We spent Easter at my parents' without Mike. For the first time since we moved here, we had trouble with flooding in our basement. It has been SO wet. Just barely any sun for weeks and tons of rain, so Mike spent the weekend researching sump-pumps and periodically emptying the crock in the basement. The kids and I had a nice time but, of course, they were all getting sick and so cranky, mouthy behavior followed. I probably wouldn't list it as my favorite Easter ever.

  • This week I'm running doggy day-care for our neighbors' dog. They've been at the hospital with his mom, so Gigi is getting a few days with her boyfriend. She's thrilled, even if he does keep losing puppy teeth and bleeding all over her white coat :-) My neighbor and I have decided we should have named them Romeo and Juliet as they frequently gaze across the street out their windows or through their fences and whine for each other.

  • I get very discouraged when I have grand plans for things and no budget or time to do them. I need to work on being content. I am thankful for what I have, but not always content with it. I am learning there is a difference and that I need to work on patience.

  • Speaking of discontent: my yard looks like garbage. We have weeds, crab grass, maple tree saplings abound, ants, bees and moss but hardly any grass. SIGH.

  • Not sure what I am going to do with the dogs when I go pick up Ellerie from preschool. I have just over an hour to figure it out.

  • That's it. I got nothin'.


Jen said...

You are so right. Being grateful and being content are two totally different things. I struggle constantly with being content. Always wanting more. More friends, more money, more time.
Sorry your Easter wasn't better. Oh, and I should post a picture of our yard. I think my husband would kill me though. Our grass is SO long, because with all the rain, he never gets time to cut it. And, yet, somehow all the neighbors yards are cut?!

Baby By The Sea said...

You can work on my crappy, weedy construction-site yard and I'll work on yours. I actually gave someone directions to my house the other day as, "It's the green house with the crappy yard." Any spare moment I have to work in the yard, guess what?!? -- it's raining, well pouring actually. And, you won't find me weeding in the cold, windy rain. At least my girls see beauty in dandelions.
Right on with the balancing act between what we want and what we need is finding the patience in contentment.
Really love your honesty, the way you put it all out there.

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

Sorry things are kind of sucky. I'm sporting some dead grass myself. Sometimes I worry I'm too easily content. The dogs sound adorable though : )

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

I love your distinction between being thankful and content!!
ps. our sump pump is awesome.

Artfulife said...

I too am working on being content. Life is moving so fast these days. I find myself feeling very discontent over many aspects of my life. I have found myself praying for peace in the hopes that I will be able to feel it in my heart on a daily basis. You are not alone my friend. Hope you are having a happy week. Hugs-Summie

Susannah said...

How ya' doin? Sending some strength your way today!