Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It Could Be Worse

This picture has nothing to do with anything. The boys just got to go to Monster Jam with their daddy and their papa a couple weeks ago. Pretty cool. And, you know, this looks bad, but it could be worse.

It's SNOWING today. Big fluffy, beautiful snow flakes that I keep furiously wishing away. WHY DO I LIVE WHERE IT KEEPS ON SNOWING AND BEING COLD LONG AFTER SPRING STARTS??? But, then again, it's not an earthquake. It could be worse.

I have struggled with hand and arm pain on and off for a few years. Typically I might have a few bad days, even a bad week here and there, but it's been consistently bad for the past few weeks. Bad to the point of waking me at night. Bad to the point of making me call to have a specialist look at it. I am trying to limit my computer time to "necessary" and close to it to reduce some of the hand cramping. It's unpleasant and annoying, but it could be worse.

So, if you're wondering where I've gone, I'm nursing my wounds and replacing all my windows with LCD screens filled with slideshows of tropical locations.

Kidding. I would never do that....

Cuz I can't afford it. Who needs fresh air, when you've got fake sun?
Hey, I could be worse.


Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

Where I live it's pollen-ing today. That's a real word right? My car is yellow. My cats are yellow. When we breathe fresh air we sneeze, our eyes are red and we itch. It's also dog-hairing and my long haired dog had shed 3 lbs of fur in my house for the last 2 weeks. That's what tropical locations really look like : )

I hope you find out what's up and they take care of it. I know we moms can tend to ignore it when we have an issue but your hands are used for too many things you enjoy for you live like that.

Jen said...

Hey, I'm having a "It could be worse" few weeks myself. Okay the past couple months. I am really trying to stay positive, but it life would like to cooperate, that would be helpful. Hope your pain goes away, and that the specialist can help. Oh, and if you move, I'll move. Snow just makes me angry. Sunny days are coming. They have to be! Hang in there! Sending cyber hugs.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I hope spring arrives soon for you and those cramps stop :-( I get the hand ones too where the muscles just seems to go into a spasm, it is really strange and feels a bit painful so I know what you mean. Take care. xxx

Nicole said...

want to lend one of those LCD screens to me? i would GREATLY appreciate one. all my friends and i would sit in my room and have a luau . . . for the next week or so.

Baby By The Sea said...

I'm so sorry about arm pain. Yuck. Mine is self induced: too much knitting, typing. I hope you heal soon, and you figure it all out. Maybe you need a good 'ol monster truck show to get your hands in the air, feelin' good.

Anna said...

Ahhhh...sunny beaches and blue skies. That sounds so good.

And yes. The gray skies and drippy days have lost their charm on me too. Unfortunately, we've got at least another 2 months of this.

Bring it, Spring!