Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting There

So, I'm feeling better. Not fabulous, but I'm moving in the right direction which is more than I could say for awhile.

Last week, aside from coming to some realizations about myself, I tried very hard to just be present in the moment I was in. I have something I refer to as "hamster in a wheel brain," where I either go over and over all the future "what ifs" or I rehash things that have already happened, good or bad. And sometimes I can't shut it off. Having recently become keenly reminded of this tendency, I made more choices to start DOING whenever I started in on the thinking wheel. One of the things I managed was to make my own laundry soap.

So simple, but it's been on my "list" for awhile. I finally had the things I needed in the house and took the few minutes needed to mix it up. Both Soule Mama and Nicola at Which Name? have recently posted about their laundry mixtures. I wanted to try mine with the peppermint Dr. Bronners like Amanda, but kept it to 1 bar rather than aiming for the full two cups and buying another bar like she does. It works fabulously and smells delicious (although, the scent might be stronger in the clothes with the full two cups). I am beyond thrilled that I did this and plan to keep it up. It gives me the same joy and good feeling that I got when I switched to cloth diapers.

Calvin got to play a big game under the lights on Friday. He's been working with Mike a little more lately and ACTUALLY LISTENING and seems to be making some improvement. It was fun watching his excitement over being in a real dugout and getting to stay up late, even if his enthusiasm for batting far outweighs his elbow-holding fielding! It was fun to watch him and even more pleasing for this mama that he made an effort to prove me wrong and held his usually tired=naughty behavior together after the game.

Well, some of us watched him.

Even thought the squirrels ate our corn (Grandma Betty says spray the young shoots with red pepper and water next time), the knuckleheads each got one little ripe berry from the garden.


Life really is delicious and I'm just holding my own until I feel like I can eat it up again. Thanks everyone who understands and everyone who doesn't. Cuz I feel the love and I'm getting there.


blue china studio said...

I'm glad that you are starting to feel better.

Love that you made your own laundry soap!

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

So glad you are loving homemade laundry powder.
And crap, are you on the same hamster wheel I am on? At least let's get ourselves one of those plastic hamster balls so we can see some stuff along the way, ok?

Aging Mommy said...

Glad you are starting to feel better Elissa and got to spend time with your family and live in the now.

Lovely photos as always

Scented Sweetpeas said...

You will get through it and diverting your brain is a great tactic! I have times like that and other times where everything is perfectly in harmony - aren't brains a strange thing. Take care and keep distracting your brain away from its negative thoughts. x

Feather said...

one day at a time. one load of laundry at a time. you're doing it, your truckin' on. keep it up, girlfriend.

so, are you saying i should be making my own laundry soap? if i had a jar that cool, i might consider...

Jen said...

I came over to ask how you were doing, and saw this post. Glad things are looking up a bit. I'm doing much better. It is amazing how just getting things done helps a persons mood, huh? Hope the rest works itself out.

Artfulife said...

Love that under the bleachers pic. So cute :) I've been wanting to try my hand at laundry soap but haven't made the time to do it yet. Hopefully I can get my act together and try it very soon.