Thursday, November 20, 2008


How did I get here?  Forget this glorious scene; this is what was just outside my window.  Glorious still, but rather different.

And it is THURSDAY.  I looked at the calendar this morning and saw there was writing on today.  Hmmmm....  wonder what that is.  Ohhhhhh... that would say "Tate's birthday at school."  Too bad I didn't do anything special for that.  Luckily he is still small enough to not notice or care about being 15 minutes late to school with three packages of "stopped by and grabbed them on the way here" doughnut holes.  And, as if that wasn't bad enough, "Tate's birthday at school" TODAY would lead me to believe that his actual birthday must be rather soon.  Oh, that's right, Sunday.  How am I left with three days?  I swear I still had two weeks.  I was sure of it.

This week itself has been flying a tad too rapidly though.  The last two days have been crazy with visiting and then company and a combination between the two of a WHOLE lot of boys and Ellie.  (Or, on Tues, Ellie and Polly).  Tuesday was a grand and all too quick (as usual) trip to my dear Meg's. I got a bag that "survived" the sale and few other happy goodies.  Thanks Megan; I love it all, of course!  

And this is what a lot of the day looked like, as we ended up with a grand total of 7 boys (not counting baby Oliver). If it is not apparent to you, there was a lot of blurry wrestling.

You'll notice though that Ellerie was NOT to be left out of this craziness.  

And, speaking of ramming around with the boys, not sure how long finding Ellerie upstairs in bed with said boys is going to be cute ;-)

Our visitors yesterday had us at my place with a six boy total and now after two days of friends, I am left with a MOUNTAIN (is there something bigger than that I can use to illustrate this?) of laundry, no food, clutter everywhere (worse than before and that is saying something) and messed up sleep routines.  And even though I feel like retreating now into a social hermit-like state, it was totally worth it.  


Flavia said...

Hi, Liss! I just LOVE the way you write!! It's fun! I'm Flavia, an Italian girl! Drop by to my blog, if you like!



beemahoney said...

I love it - the blur just says it all - so 6 boys at your place Wednesday? wow. you have had your fill for a while. although it isn't ever that way really is it? LOVE the one of Ellie in the crib with the boys -ha ha ha

Artfulife said...

Too fun! Sometimes having more kids around is actually a little less work. Uh....did that just come out of my mouth? Anywho. Is that your lovely home in all those pictures? When was it built? It has so much character. BTW it looked pretty clean to me. Take care!

Elissa said...

no, not my home in the pics, but it is lovely isn't it? that would be my practically-sister meg's house. i think it is around 1900, but she can correct that if i'm not right.... megan???

and, i would sort of agree with you in that more kids means less need for entertaining them, but usually more work to feed them and clean up after them!

Elissa said...

PS. forgot about the first pic... the door is mine... 1960s cape.