Monday, September 29, 2008

Vintage Love

I love coming from a family that has an appreciation for old stuff.  I know vintage is a trendy word these days, but I am pretty sure we did "vintage" before vintage was cool.  I could fill this blog with pictures and posts of all the great things saved or found within my family.  For lack of time, I'll pass on that and just share a few recently lovelies.

So here goes, I am a bit of a footie-jammie snob. (Hmmm... maybe I should have saved that as I have been tagged again to share random bits about me!)  I really like Carter's jammies for the kids.  We keep our house pretty cold in the winter and they seem to be the warmest and hold up the best that I have found (or can afford... I am sure there are some other wonderful ones out there).  I usually look for good sales, scour the thrift store or hope one of the Nanas buys them.  And, silly me, I have given away all the boy jammies.  But when I found these (previously appliqued with a fire truck) at SA for 69 cents, I grabbed them.  What, you may be asking, could this possibly have to do with anything I was talking about at the beginning of the post?  Well that sweet little circus elephant that replaced the fire truck, was cut from a couple of GREAT pieces of vintage fabric that my sister, Kathy, recently handed down to me... having decided that she was probably not going to use them for her teenagers. :-)  

Isn't that tail peeking around the backside just the cutest?

My other sister is another crafty lady and she just made this sweet blanket for Ellie.   It is backed with fleece, so very soft and warm; and the vintage embroidered piece is from her MIL's things.  Ellerie loves the blanket (so do I!) and Michelle was sweet enough to give me a WHOLE PILE of these embroidered doilies and the like!  Some of them need a little TLC, but I just love imagining how I might use them.

My mom has brought me these vintage books and I am truly digging them.  Little Black Sambo, while possibly not entirely politically correct, is a favorite from my childhood (I love when those tigers turn to butter!)  and the novels are the sort of old-fashioned boys' books that just inspire adventure.  Who could not love a book with that kind of bicycle on the front???

And, lastly, my own recent find for Ellerie, is a sweet little vintage dress, still with bloomers.  It is a size 5, so it'll be a bit before she wears it.  And, in spite of the location of the tag, I have to believe that this sweet tie and keyhole MUST go in the back.  It actually looks like a pretty easy design to try to copy too.  (read as "I like to think I am more capable than I am") So maybe it will be my pattern for next summer's sundresses.

Inspiring, at the very least.


Pink Lemonade Bags said...

Popping over from Blue Yonder.

I love the applique on the jammies! Great idea.

The blanket with the vintage embroidery is gorgeous and has given me some great ideas.


Artfulife said...

I love the blankie! Your daughter will treasure that for years to come.