Friday, September 19, 2008

The Tooth of the Matter

Well, we are surely headed for braces around here.  Calvin was a trooper this week "losing" his first tooth at the dentist instead of the old fashioned way.  Poor kid has a tiny little jaw and some big, honkin' teeth!  The tooth was loose, but not loose enough to come out and the new tooth was coming in behind it, instead of underneath.  So here is his tooth, in the corner of a plastic tooth chest from Dr. Kelley's.  A little part of his babydom, wiggled out with some "happy gas" and "pliers."  

Gone, just like that, and with the new one already there to take it's place.  Growing up is hard and good all at the same time.  Little, and sometimes painful, losses here and there to make room for the new, the emerging, the lasting.

A visit from the tooth fairy and a dollar for your tooth?  Well, that just sweetens the pot.


Artfulife said...

What a little cutie! Did you make the tooth fairy pillow? We are destined for braces at our house too. All my girls have teeth issues, and Zoe has an overbite.

I hung out with all the "hippies" and punks and artsy kids. I actually was friends with all the "groups" in high school. I still hated high school. My favorite time of youth was college. Art school was a dream come true for me. Boy was I a wild one. I still keep in touch with all my friends from school. Good times, good times. I am positive we would have been great friends.

Toni said...

Wow! you get a dollar now for losing a tooth? does that include old people? I just wish a new one would grow in it's place. btw - I absolutely love the pillow, and your new photo header.
You're right about it being hard to grow up, not sure I'd want to do it again. Well, maybe.

tamoore48 said...

When I got my teeth pulled - in 1984 - I got the EXACT SAME treasure chest. Weird.