Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Liddle Things

Last  Saturday my oldest nephew got married.    It was a lovely little wedding, which we barely made it to... me in my gorgeous fancy dress and grungy flip flops as I flew out of the car, forgetting my pretty shoes, just in time to walk in behind the bride as she headed up the aisle.  Ah, this IS how I roll.

 We had a very nice time though.  Simple,  beautiful, true.  Amazing to see this young couple with 

and faith.  I'd wish them luck, but they don't need it.  They are seriously grounded.

I managed to sneak in a small bit of Aunt Liss-made with some other goodies for their gift.  Laundry powder in an awesome little sack made from this tutorial.  

Meanwhile, Blogger is putting my pictures and words in weird, uncontrolled- by- me, places.  Apparently I am not quick to adjust to the new style/features.  I feel confused.  I am truly not computer savvy and do not like it much when things change.  Why does my text keep showing up as a link??

 Hopefully I'll get the kinks out before I hit publish, but  just to be clear, the first paragraph will not take you anywhere on the web....


Sherrie said...

Love them. Sweetest wedding ever.

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

That is so very much the kind of thing that happens to me too : )

They are lovely. Congratulations to them!

And Have a Happy Mothers Day too!