Saturday, May 19, 2012

End of the Week

Things have stayed nice and busy here.  Last weekend was my Daddy's birthday.  Here he is, playing football with his (then) littlest grandson, Milo

We had a nice cookout and perfect weather and a cool place in the shade for Milo's very pregnant Mama.

Mother's Day was filled with hugs and silly gifts and cards and a giant pancake for breakfast.  I am now the proud owner of several coupon books which I can, supposedly, cash in for things like kisses (no problem) back rubs (hmmm.. I'm guessing about 5 seconds worth) and picking up or cleaning (fat chance).  Probably I should have tried to use them all on Mother's Day, when they were still trying to be good and impress me!

Ellerie and I put together some thank you gifts for her preschool teachers.  I just ADORE these little lined bags I've been making.  

I don't normally go all crazy with teacher gifts, but these ladies have been in our lives for 6 years now and this is it.  No more preschool (Yay! because I'm sick of being the bus... but boo! because I have grown to love these teachers and will truly miss them for many reasons.)

This week preschool was a nice blessing though.  My previously mentioned, very pregnant, sister-in-law gave birth to my parents' NOW youngest grandbaby, Elias this week.  (Note how close to MY name that is, ahem.) He came at just the perfect time for me to drop Ellie at school and sneak off to see and hold him just hours old.  I had no pangs of wanting one again, for sure, but still that new little miracle is beyond incredible.  Every time.

And, look how well he knows his Aunt Lissa, even as new as this!  Pretty sure he is already thinking, "Why are you pointing that black thing in my face and flashing lights in my eyeballs, woman?"  
Well, get used to it little man, get used to it.


Jen said...

Congratulations! That is a pretty intense look he is giving you! Wednesday is Dylan's last day of preschool. I'm really wondering if I will cry. Think I better wear sunglasses just in case.

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

Love the bags and the 'flowerpot' too. I still have one of those on my desk from ten years ago!

And a Beautiful Baby! I never thought it would happen but I'm getting to the age where babies just do me in. Sweetness : )

Artfulife said...

Such a little cutie! I love the bags Lis. I need to make some of those.

Baby By The Sea said...

Oh, newest babe I'm so happy to see your pictures. Lucky you to be so close to family. Many celebrations in store for you.
Thanks so much for your kind words on my last piece. Phew, this mama stuff is hard business and I'm so thankful for this community of people just like you to help me through.