Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Calvin, have we really been doing this for 9 years now?

It's a good thing we still have our wits about us (and are capable of stealing fun ideas off the internet!)

...and, good recipes (although I did tweak this one, but SOOO good if you like a root beer float)
(Hmmmm... and GRANDMA??? How did you manage to be the only one without a mustache picture? AHEM. )

Yup, it DOES just keep getting better, Cal....

As long as you hang on to your sense of humor and can celebrate the little things along with the big stuff.

You know Mama loves you?
Yeah. I thought so.


Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

Happy Ninth Birthday To Cal!! Nine is a very good year : )

Love It! All Of It.

Music : )

Jen said...

So fun! We made mustache Valentines this year, so this is right up our alley. Happy Birthday to him!

Anonymous said...

Cute Liss! Grandma isn't the only one who got by without a picture, where is Daddy? I can't believe he is 9! I remember when I found out you were pregnant! -Laurie

Baby By The Sea said...

Love the mustache straws and it really look like you've had some fun with it. Nine. Really? How special, the one before double numbers forevs..
Happy brithday!

Artfulife said...

Looks like he had a really fun time on his birthday. I never get tired of facial hair ;) Hope you guys are having a fun week!