Friday, March 30, 2012

Early Spring, Busy Days

Where did March go? Sheesh. Firstly, our March was really nothing like March and last week's record temps and sun were incredible. All the buds and flower (and in my case, sand bees) were awoken early this year. Stretching and sunning themselves like we all did too. Gigi laid happily in my dry, brown crab grass chewing on a stick. I hung things on the line!! It was fabulous. We are back to cold now and I find myself wishing for a happy medium. 60 would be nice. But, in the words of Ellie's preschool teacher, "We get what we get and we don't get upset!"

In other news, we have changed our basement plans 3 or 4 times and are settled now with stud frames up and doors, but no walls. I'll wait on pics until it's finished. I have spent the last couple weeks "arguing" with Tate about Daylight Savings time and having him continually correct me with the "real" time. Really hoping we're not doing THAT until Fall Back! And, I have received news of our school district going to FULL TIME KINDERGARTEN!! This is huge for me. I have spent the last 6 years of my life carting one or more children to half day preschool 2 or three times a week and in two of those years turning right around and waiting for a bus to come and drop one off or pick one up. It is such a huge disruption in the day and for my personality of not wanting to start things that I am unsure I'll be able to finish. Plus, Ellerie is totally ready for all day school. She is a complete social bug and is bored stiff without her brothers at home. She watches more tv than I ever let the boys watch and is constantly whining for me to play with her. She will be thrilled to be at school all day surrounded by friends and a new special teacher. And me? What will I do with my days? Well, that remains to be seen and I'm trying not to stress. But first? A nap. And then? I'm going to clean my house. FOR REALS. Not just pick it up, not just sweep the floor and hide the mess. I'm going to clean like I used to with my grandma in the spring. Ceiling to floor. Room by room. And you know the best part? Once it's clean, it's going to STAY that way.

Until 4 pm ;-)


Baby By The Sea said...

full time k? i understand the joy. i wish our school district would make that same move. happy spring.

Melissa Crowe said...

Oh, my--Annabelle, a nearly 13 years old, told us the "real" time for three weeks after the time change. ARGH.

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

I can feel the sun and smell the fresh laundry : )

Oh, and the first years all 3 of mine were full time in school were the cleanest time in my life!

Jen said...

Dylan's preschool teachers say the same thing! Do they have that in the preschool teacher handbook they hand out these days or what?

Dylan is going to full day kindergarten in the fall too. I'm a nervous wreck about it, but the free time will certainly be nice. Hopefully we'll get so much done during the week, that by the weekend we will just be able to have fun, stress free!