Wednesday, October 6, 2010


1. Quilt top #3 is done. It's purdy. But my house is a wreck. Hey, I've got my priorities.

2. But literally my house is out of control. The two little ones go room to room in the mornings dumping and destroying. They call it playing, but I know better. I can't keep up right now. (see #3)

3. I'm exhausted. Apparently, I have a raging ear infection in my right ear from that fabulous cold I told you all about. Both ears have been plugged pretty much since that post but, even as I felt the right one getting worse and worse, I was determined that I could just kick it without an expensive doctor's visit and meds. Determined, that is until this morning when I woke feeling terribly nauseous from the ick running down the back of my throat and my right ear felt a bit like it was trying to give birth to something. This whole (potentially useful) morning was used up at the doctor's and the pharmacy.

4. The other day I came home to about 30 crows on my front lawn. It was creepy- like "The Birds" - and it sort of made me want to watch it again.

5. It is 66 degrees in my house right now and I refuse to turn the heat on yet. (Is anyone noticing a slight stubborn streak here?) Not sure if that makes me optimistic or delusional or maybe just stingy, but I'm holding out. We've got to get some sun around here to warm us up sooner or later. I hope.

6. Ellerie calls R2D2 "Arty-Dooty." And I thought flingingo was cute. T- if I manage to get it recorded somehow I will send it to you.

7. I still have not received any work from work. SIGH. Too bad about the medical bills this month: Ellie, Mike and now me. Nobody else better get sick until November. Make that January if they want Christmas. Just sayin'. Santa's broke.

8. I'm tired. Did I mention that? I want to stop running around but there is preschool and church and the calendar is filling up. "The List" is ever growing and the dishes and laundry will not STOP. "Winter clothes"-what's up? They take up so much more room in the washer....

9. Calvin looks both ways even after the bus driver gives him the okay to cross. I like that. And he finally knows our home phone #.

10. Tate has to leave for school in a few.

The end.


Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

#2 Would you feel better if I post a picture of the cobwebs I noticed on my chandelier yesterday? They're still there.
#3 "right ear felt a bit like it was trying to give birth to something."
*snicker* Try to get nap.
#9 Very Good. My 15 year old still doesn't know my number. I'm serious.
#10 I was supposed to leave to pick up Mid - um, 3 minutes ago..oops..

Jen said...

Okay, the crows thing made me laugh because the other day (possibly the same day?) when we got home there were these crows cawing so loud I was convinced they were going to start attacking in a swarm. My husband thought I was nuts.
This weather is RIDICULOUS. I have had enough. I was planning a post similar to yours. I am on my 2nd illness since summer ended. GAH! Hope you start feeling better soon.

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

Dude. Your ear thing sucks. Feel better soon.

The arty-dooty thing made me cough up some tea.

The crow thing . . . kinda creepy.

At least you have that beautiful quilt top!

Aging Mommy said...

I hope your visit to the doctor means your ear infection will now clear up. The joys of it being fall are marred somewhat by the reintroduction of germs and yes, it seems we always all have to take turns with each set brought home too.

I wish I could come over and help you out for an afternoon, my daughter could play with someone other than me and I'd be happy to do some housework as a change from sticker books :-)

Melissa Crowe said...

1. Everyone in my family agrees that "Arty-Dooty" is the best thing ever.
2. I really wish you lived here because I still have $100 left on the Soakology gift certificate my mother in law gave me last time she visited, and I would SO spend it on you. Soakology is a foot santuary--think lovely little snacks, beautiful pots of tea, comfy chairs, your feet in a huge terra cotta bowl filled with river stones, hot water, and lavender, while some blessed creature with hands like an angel rubs your neck and back. COME TO PORTLAND. ;-)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Love this. I too am in a house full of mess - you move one thing to one place and then it gets moved and you move it back again and so the game goes on - sigh. Love your little ones funny words - so so so cute! Re the washing - turn your heat up and all walk round in swimwear to save on washing :-)

Artfulife said...

What is up with the winter laundry? What's up with all the blow outs my little guy keeps having? Even if I'm caught up on laundry I have to do a load because of his loads. I hope you feel better very soon & that the laundry doesn't overtake your house!

feather said...

it took me forever to turn the heat on over here. until the days i noticed that it was warmer outside than in. and then when i finally looked at the thermostat and it read 63! yikes...perhaps i should run the heat now?