Monday, September 13, 2010

Tate Makes Me Laugh

I haven't felt like blogging much lately. Maybe I just need to settle into my new routine as much as the kids do. We had a great weekend. Friday night we invited over three neighborhood families for a fire in the backyard. The kids all ran around and played while the adults hung out and snacked and chatted. We did s'mores and glow bracelets for the kids. We let them stay up way too late and they were good! Cal even slept in the next day, which is rather a miracle in itself!

Here is a pic (finally) of Pip riding his bike! I am normally good about the whole helmet thing, but I guess I was more concerned about finally getting a picture this time. I didn't even notice! I love that when I asked Tate earlier this summer if he wanted to take his training wheels off he said, "No. I'll do that when I'm six." Then, one day, he just decided he wanted to do it and learned with Papa Paul in an afternoon.

That's my boy.

On Friday, the kids were watching Word Girl on PBS after school. There was a character who had been eating too much candy and she was getting sick. I commented that I thought she would throw up after all that junk. Tate's response? Nose wrinkled and shaking his head, "That wouldn't look very good on TV, I don't think."

Wish I had his little face on camera saying that because it is still cracking me up this morning.


Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

Oh I'm gettin flashbacks. Proud, riding my bike without trainers face. A beautiful sight to see!

I can picture the other face too: ) Enjoy this stage before he hits the age where they think making vomiting noises would be the best response!

Anna said...

Oh, crack me up!

Aging Mommy said...

Oh wonderful, seeing your child riding his bike. We are still at the tricycle stage with no interest n upgrading as yet. Love your son's view on what makes for good TV, I have to agree with him :-)

As for not blogging, keep having a good time instead, sounds like you had a wonderful Friday night.

feather said...

those boys are hysterical! i love the way their brains work.
great job on the two wheels, little man!

Jen said...

Ha! He has a good point.
The bike thing brought back a memory that made me laugh. My first nanny job, the little girl had just learned to ride her bike. She was proudly riding down the street, when she turned around and shouted, "How do you stop again?!" Then she rode into the back of a parked car, in front of all the neighbor kids. She wasn't hurt, but oh, her poor pride! It was one of those moments that shouldn't be funny, but was hysterical.