Sunday, March 21, 2010

Auntie-Made, Cousin-Approved

Nobody calls me "Auntie," but it sounded better than "Auntmade." And I did finish making something for Baby What's-His-Name. Maybe he'll call me "Auntie," but it's gonna be at his own risk.

No pastel green or baby blues around here and deliciously soft. I know this little man will have baby blankets coming out his ears by the time he gets here. The first one always does (Although technically, if he DOES have blankets coming out his ears when he gets here that may be a cause for concern.) But we've been testing THIS one out for, you know, safety and usefulness. It appears to be both safe and useful.

And, you know, happyish.

Safe, useful and happyish really do seal the deal on a proper baby blanket, don't they?


Kathy said...

Very nice!

Melissa Crowe said...

I love the colors and the stripes--it would be refreshing, I think, to get a blanket like this for a new baby.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

what a gorgeous snuggly blanket :-)

Sherrie said...

very manly for the new little guy! brown is the very "in" color for babies right now....LOVE IT!

Feather said...

what's so great about this blanket is that i can see him still using it as a teenager. if it's still intact. but, it's because it doesn't read "baby". very very cool. auntie.

beka said...

Oooohhh, I love that blanket. Afghan. Thing. :)
It's sweet. Like the colors alot. :)