Thursday, June 4, 2009

Two Posts in One

Things have been pretty crazy here for the past week. Mike has been working almost around the clock to get a new, well what's the easiest way to say this, computer system up and running at work. He's been going in early, working late and worked all weekend. This, in turn, has been keeping me running a bit more than usual and forcing me to do things like solo trips to stores with three (not very good at shopping) children and the Bedtime Battle all by myself after just completing the Dinner Battle. (Try that triathlon on for size, Sara Jo!) I would like to tell you that these processes really all run very smoothly at my place and that we are just soaking up every precious minute with each other, but I can't. The hours between about 4 and bed are just wild: think "Lord of the Flies" with my, largely ignored, screaming voice inserted between the pages.

Deep Breath.

OK, it isn't QUITE that bad, but there are moments. Very BAD moments.

And, then, there are some not so bad ones, so I'll try to focus on those.

First some interesting updates on the kids. Cal has taken his first SHORT scoots on his new bike (no trainers)! We need to get him to a big empty parking lot I think, because he needs some room to get speed up and our driveway is just not big enough. Tate has recently become the Phantom Logger. I am TRYING not to complain, as at least he is really seems to be over having potty accidents. This has been so long in coming, but seems slightly tainted by his now leaving random deposits in the toilet. Please flush! (And please don't be mad at me some day for sharing this. It's very funny, Pip. You are an awesome little dude. You just need to FLUSH). Ellerie has recently learned to climb up the ladder into Cal's bunk. And down. Elle, you DO realize you are barely 2, right? Please do not start a trend of scaring the snot out of me.

On to other things.

Over the weekend, while Daddy was off working and after a successful solo trip to church (I was actually early, leaving me to believe that Mike really is the weak link here), we hit a playground with some friends for some good fun and a small picnic.

Oh, did I mention that it was rather cold and windy?

Somehow that doesn't seem to stop the kids.

Also, in the chaos of this last week I have FINALLY competed the second window shade for the boys' room. This one, has been done for awhile, but recently we have been tacking a towel over the awning window so as to "fool" them into going to sleep at 7:30. I don't think even that was working and Tate is still waking at 6am lately.

Here is the newly completed shade:

The "pattern" is based on this idea from the Martha Stewart Living empire. I just turned over the top, so that I could see the pattern even when closed. Also, I liked the idea of being able to open it farther than halfway, so it gave me a spot for another set of loops to turn the shade up one more time. I love this idea because it is really so versitile (you could put as many sets of buttons as you like for adjustments), easy (as in, no complicated cords or folds or even button holes..but that could be done too) and CHEAP. Using inexpensive tension rods and buttons from (sorry, folks) Walmart, I probably only spent about 30 dollars (I would say that is an estimate on the high end) to do BOTH windows. Certainly, it could add up to a lot more, but I just hunted through clearance fabrics at Joann's. Those extra 50% off reduced fabrics sales can get you some nice stuff for 2 and 3 dollars a yard.

I also want to explain that I am not careful about these and they are not perfect by any means, but they still look cute. I had some trouble with the seam coming together at the bottom. The khaki material I bought had some stretch to it and when I sewed up the last seam it was puckering. I am MUCH to lazy to try to go back and fix it, so I covered it up. Hooray for grosgrain ribbon!

And hooray for one room down!

Only 5 more shades to go ;-)

But first, on to Father's Day!


nicola said...

i was missing your posts, but seem to have a computer virus, so wasn't get around online much anyway.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the shades. love stripes!!!
and on the everything-alone-battle, never done it with 3 kids, but do it everyday on my own with 2. you have my sympathy and admiration.

A Day That is Dessert said...

Shades are so beautiful! You are doing such a good job - hang in there during the difficult moments.

beemahoney said...

I love the shade Liss!

Dana said...

Shades look great.

As for the other trying stuff . . . I'm soo sorry. Hang in there. We've all been there before and, no doubt, will be there again.

Anna said...

Clever and cute!