Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Money For Nothing

A couple of weeks ago, the boys had a jam session at a good friend's "man room." They just loved it, of course. It's good to know musical people. We just may have to request some lessons at some point. After all, this mama has dreams of these guys wanting to learn acoustic guitar someday. I can see us all Kumbaya-ing around the campfire now.

At this stage though, I have to say the drums have a BIG pull.

Well, if it's drums, it's drums. But rock on little dudes.


nicola said...

awesome! lala is starting K this autumn and will be attending a music based public charter school. we are super excited!

Sherrie said...

Nearly All boys seem to go through a rock band stage. If you are ready for drums....let me know there are some hanging around here, that I am ready to be rid of!

Lisa said...

Oh man drums... You would have one rockin house. If you ever do get a set I will be the first to buy you ear plugs. The boys do look as if they are having a lot of fun!

Mary Smith said...

That is so cute!!! They look like they are having a blast!!!