Friday, June 5, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our little veggies are coming along nicely.

But there is SO MUCH to be done outside right now, it makes my head spin. Should I disassemble the front garden and fill in the new ones? Yes, this IS my front lawn at the moment. Lovely, isn't it?

Should I attack the hideous, destructive overgrowth EVERYWHERE I turn?

Nah. Let's just create some more stuff to take care of! So, I am planning a flower garden out my kitchen window around all the birdies.

And Farmer Tate has requested his OWN garden with sunflowers and veggies to use for pasta salad.

A happy reuse of some edging stones taken out of the front.

And, even though this didn't last very long, you gotta give the boy credit. He jumped right in.

Oh, and today, jumped even farther. Tate is the first one to be impulsive and self reliant. So, while I made him a lunch, he went out and planted some tomato seeds he found in the hutch drawer. See that nice little spot he managed to clear of grass? Yup, just dumped 'em all right there. His response when I tried to explain that that wasn't really the BEST way to plant his tomatoes? "But what did I do wrong? I WATERED them." Oh, bless his heart. We went ahead and cleared out the rest of the grass and I am just going to pretend that he didn't do it. We'll plant what we want and see what happens.

And, speaking of self-reliant.... I tackled this overgrown lilac/other kinds of bushes/MORE aggressive maples/newly discovered raspberry bushes corner this afternoon.

And this is what I just came in to:

Tate and Ellerie made their own sandwiches. Elle was CLINGING to the jar of jam that I was forced to pry from her smeary hands while she screamed bloody murder. I wouldn't even have the heart to show you what the jars looked like. I mostly cleaned them up, but for any of you that have aversions to the PB mixing up with the jam, it would have been too much.

I could seriously use a nap now. And a nice COLD glass of lemonade or a Pepsi, neither of which are anywhere in my house. I wonder if I could sneak 20 minutes while the kids watch Arthur. I am REALLY dreading cleaning up that kitchen.

Yeah. Definitely a catnap first.

Note to self: Do not ever SAY you are going to take a nap, because it will surely not happen.


jen said...

oh, to have a garden! looks like fun but lots of work. :)

thanks for stopping by my blog! have a great weekend.

nicola said...

LOL. i love all the imagery. and those are some darn cute kids.

do these garden photos make you feel better? the damage the deck build did to our yard is still evident.


Mary Smith said...

This post made me chuckle. I can really relate. Your lettuce looks great! So nice that you garden with your kids!!

Lisa said...

Looks like your garden is doing great. I love the mental picture of your little princess hanging on to the jam jar while you try to get it from her. She is a funny one!

Artfulife said...

Oh you are so brave! I loath sticky things. It's worse than slimy to me. Loved the shades from the previous post. They look super cute!

Dana said...

Never enough hours in a day but teaching your children to garden is worth every bit of it, eh?

beemahoney said...

Your lettuce is great! Been eating it like crazy?

Anna said...

I love pantless watering. At least with children. Grown-ups...not so much.

Patty T said...

You are cracking me up! I too tackled some major overgrowth this weekend at our house. This is our first spring here and now all the plants are in full swing. Ugh! Sad how if we work outside we still have to come work inside after we're done. My husband pulls the "I worked outside so I don't have to lift a finger inside" one too many times! He's a major crank about jelly in the peanut butter or vise versa. I think I'll be putting some crumbs in the butter in protest...he hates that too...mwuha,ha,ha!

joanie said...

That is a big garden to tackle! But it's such a good feeling to even finish a little patch.

And the PB&J incident, been there. But it's just such a happy thing that they did it themselves, I love that - gave you a little extra time in the garden too. My two are always cooking and concocting something in the kitchen. I just stick on some rubber gloves, move them to one side and arm myself with a very big sponge!