Friday, February 13, 2009

What I'm Loving

In light of tomorrow being the Day of Love, here are some things (people aside, but I DO love my Valentines) that I am currently lovin'.

1.  SUNSHINE.  We are back to cold around here, but sunshine makes all the difference in the world, don't you think?

3.  I am finding with knitting that I really love the look at feel of all over textured patterns.  Right now I am in love with the Daisy Stitch  and SO want to learn to do it.

4.  Ellie's recent development of a hat fetish... which anything can be a hat, including baskets and her brothers' underwear!

5.  g diapers.  I could never have afforded to use them full time, since they are even more than disposables, but I'm glad I decided to try them for the times I want to "cheat" on my cloth ones.  They're great, even overnight!

6.  The reason I decided to try g diapers.... an upcoming FAMILY VACATION to myrtle beach.  Can I just tell you that this will be the first vacation we have ever taken as a family?  And it gets better because my WHOLE family (all 19 of us!) will be there!  I am just a TAD excited.  Just a TAD.

7.  These bike helmets.  I just think they're fun.  I think they are a bit expensive, but Mike tells me... cheaper than a cracked skull.  I'll give you that.

8.  Almay Pure Blends foundation.  I've been looking for a paraben free foundation for awhile.  This one is affordable and doesn't make my skin feel waxy or cakey and still is a real foundation... not just a tinted moisturizer.  I bought it in neutral thinking that would be ok, but I actually think it is just a TINY bit too dark for me.  Apparently in the winter my pallor is something lighter than "neutral" and a little closer to "dead."  ;-)

9.  The kids all making friends with Trailer (cat #2).  We had the cats before we had kids and they've forgiven us, I think, but not the kids.  Roxie, our beautiful and snotty calico, hates them all, but Trailer seems to be warming up.  They all get so excited when he lets them pet him.

10.  Valentines Day.  I don't usually get all sappy about this day or anything, but I love that it is on a Saturday this year and we can just make the whole day about some good ole family love.  

Wishing you all a lovely day with your valentines!  


nicola said...

i LOVE what i am loving list (as much as i love photos of people's home interiors) and THANK YOU for the almay and gDiaper recommendations! and your cutie and her hats and the typewriter them!

Erin said...

Aww.. thank you for sharing your loves. The photos are so sweet. :)

beemahoney said...

I love Little Bird with the boy's undies appropriate in our worlds!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Beautiful post. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!! Funny that we're both thinking about sunshine today...winter does start to feel looong, even in Seattle where it's not particularly cold. I get tired of gray skies.


Dana said...

Yeah for family vacations. And hats. And sunshine! And wayward cats.