Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life With Tate

And these pictures don't say anything about the fact that you may, at any given moment, suddenly find Tate naked from the waist down.  Or that yesterday, as a matter of fact, Mike came home to a completely nude and somewhat chocolate syrup covered Tate in a TO in the kitchen as I cleaned up the mess from his self-made "chocolate milk" (more commonly viewed as a half pint of chocolate syrup poured in a glass.)  Or that Tate is the one SURE to do something crazy and dangerous (like jumping full-tilt and unsupervised off a stepladder wearing rubber rainboots into the kiddipool ) when his nervous nana is visiting.  Tate tries my patience, doesn't listen, has his own way for EVERYTHING and is stubborn beyond belief.  But he is incredibly creative, supremely independent and funny as anything (when I remember to laugh instead of freaking out).  I love you Tate and I am sorry for the times when I forget to let you be the crazy little man you are.  You DO need to obey, but you also need spaces and times when you can just do it your way without worry.  I'm trying Hot Potato, I'm trying....

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