Friday, August 15, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Just now, as I stood outside hanging diapers to dry on the line, it started to rain.  Sunshine all around me, still scorching my skin, but a black cloud just above was letting loose.  That's a bit how I have felt about my life lately.  There is sunshine all around me; I can see it and I can feel it and sometimes I can step into it fully, but never to stay because that darn cloud keeps following me.  This song keeps running through my head.  

This week, even though I have a MILLION other things I could (and probably SHOULD) be doing, I decided to throw my stress into sewing.  I have been wanting to make a pillowcase dress for Ellerie out of some of my grandmother's old pillowcases and recently found this tutorial.  We are having Ellie dedicated at church this weekend and I thought it would be a sweet occasion to have some vintage family loveliness to wear.  But, as usual when I tackle something for the first time, SOMEBODY has to get the prototype.  So, sweet Polly, you will benefit from my practicing again.....

Ellerie's is the one on the right.  The patches are from some vintage fabric out of my other grandmother's stash, recently passed to me from my mother.  They cover up a hole and a hole that was at some point darned, hence the randomness of their positioning.  And that fabric was also used for a cloth headband for each of them, but Ellie's wasn't with the dress because she was wearing it when I took the pics.

They turned out so sweet and just the way I imagined.  I think Gram would be pleased to know she is a part of Elle's blessing this week and happy too that Lady P is getting one of those pillowcases as well.  So, for now, I'll try to focus on this happy bit of sunshine and ignore those pitter pattering drops falling around me. 

And, Meg, if that isn't enough to get you to load all the kiddos in the car and come see me, I don't know what is! ;-)  


beemahoney said...

I love pillowcase dresses. I have been toying with the tutorials myself - of course have done nothing fruitful yet - even if I had, the results wouldn't have been so beautiful as yours! You are something. Thank you for thinking of Polly - I can't wait to see the dresses, and the lady who made them - will pile 'em in and come see you soon!

Elissa said...

well, i hope you know i'm teasing you... but OF COURSE, i would think of polly! i want to take their pictures together in these dresses.... my daughter is going to think i'm NUTS :-) love you!

sukigirl said...

The pillowcase dresses are so cute!
I think it is so sweet that you included something from both your grandmothers.
No store bought dress could ever mean so much!
And I hope that dark cloud gets blown away soon!