Tuesday, August 26, 2008

For the Birds

Word is getting around the neighborhood that we have food for the birds.  Yesterday we had sparrows, a chickadee, a pair of goldfinches and a gorgeous male cardinal (who's picture I did not get so I hope he comes back).  

It is lovely fun watching these birds.  The kids all love it, although Ellie is not so easy to observe with as she lets out a crazy high-pitched squeal of delight at any living creature that makes her happy!

Speaking of birds:  I currently have Elizabeth Mitchell's You Are My Little Bird album out from the library.  I couldn't resist as we have called Ellerie "Little Bird, Baby Bird, Chickadee and Birdie" practically from birth.  It is beautiful and sweet music and is a big hit with my birds, even the bigger ones.


beemahoney said...

I Can't believe the feeder activity in the summer! Our birds leave the feeders in about May -

tamoore48 said...

So, Ribbit has a baby bird? We are a multi-species family, I suppose. :o)

- Cricket