Thursday, May 1, 2008

Girls' Night Out Treasures

Last night I had a girls' night out with my sister-in-law.  It was a lovely time away from the evening chaos with the kids and, while they enjoyed building and playing with Daddy, I got to eat food that I did not prepare and go thrifting.  I was very excited to find a couple of big bins of vintage patterns at my local SA.  In all the times I have frequented their establishment, I have never seen patterns there.  These two gems were 39 cents apiece.  Great classic little girls patterns in big enough sizes that I am hoping to actually have time to sew by the time they would be useful for Ellerie!

I love the little hooded Ts and dresses here.

Then I found these pretty dishes.  Four small plates, Four wide bowls and one larger serving-type bowl.  I didn't really have a reason in mind for buying them other than just thinking they were pretty and I know I don't have space for them, but I couldn't resist.  I imagined myself sitting with a friend eating some decadent chocolate dessert from the plates, using the good silver, dabbing at my mouth with a beautiful cloth napkin.  You know, something like that.  But the boys wanted to use them RIGHT AWAY and I had enough trouble getting them to wait for the dishes to be washed.

I indulged them at lunch though and they got to use the fancy new plates and anyone who knows me knows that THIS is the farthest cry from what I would have EVER served on these plates!

Even the site of the picture now is turning my stomach.  A hot dog was bad enough, but MUSTARD.  They're lucky I didn't throw the plates away after that.


beemahoney said...

Oh the mustard...

Patty Thomas said...

My grandma had those plates! Or was it my husband's grandma...I can't remember. I do remember eating off of them though. Funny!