Friday, September 14, 2012

Thank You and An Answer

First of all, can I just say "Happy Friday" to you?  This first full week of school here is sort of kicking our butts.  We've had a whole lot of bus drama in the form of a kooky bus driver who can't seem to get her route down and is late in the morning and late in the afternoon and seems to sort of make up her own route as she goes!  The neighborhood is buzzing with frustration and the kids are exhausted and transportation is supposedly "on it" but the improvement has been marginal.  And just so you don't think I'm one of those crazy parents who gets up in arms about every little thing (I know how I can give that impression ;-)... the LATE bus beat my kids home the other day.  The late bus folks.  It's ridonkulous.

Nextly, (yeah, yeah, I know it's not a word but it's fun, right?).  Nextly, thank you all SO MUCH for your compliments and advice and thoughts about the bags.  The deal right now is not Etsy... though that is a possibility at some point... but my niece attends my Alma Mater and we have reserved a booth to sell some things at homecoming in a couple of weeks.  I have started some things and am actually not even sure what I'll have time to whip up before then, but it helps me to sort my thoughts to hear from you guys, so thanks for the support!  A couple of you were curious about the bag's overall size and sturdiness.  This is one of the short straps I made for Calvin, but the bag is the same dimensions.  It fits my on-loan-from-work-that-no-longer-seems-to-have-work-for-me Mac.  It is an older 15 inch (I believe) version, still an inch thick and somewhat heavy and it fits.

I think this one is plenty sturdy with the denim.  They all have interfacing on the bottom "edge", but I kept them more floppy otherwise, depending on the heaviness of the outer material.   I would definitely not market it as a laptop bag, as it is not padded or secure in any way.  But if you are just throwing it over your shoulder on a quick jaunt to the coffee shop or library, and you are not a complete idiot about it, I should think it would work. :-)  and, if you have one of those tiny PC laptops or a Mac Air or something, I would think it would be fab.

There is also the possibility of MAKING them more sturdy and with more pockets and padding or interfacing or adjustable straps or, or, or.   I have scads of ideas about these bags and about other fun and interested things I could make.  But for homecoming, in the interest of time and up-front monetary investment, I need to keep it pretty simple.  I like the idea of these bags in the two different strap lengths that might appeal to both students and alumni, singles and parents/grandparents as gifts.  This is all sort of an experiment for Nicole and me just to see how it goes and what we can make and to have the adventure together:  to sink or swim in company.

But thanks, too, for all of my online company.  The few of you that have continued to hang out here, in spite of my lack of posting and probably uninspiring verbiage, really feel like friends.  So, happy weekend friends!  See you on the flip side...

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