Friday, January 20, 2012

We Want Another One Just Like the Other One!

Tate brought home another face. This one even more interesting to me.

I think I am impressed largely because I always felt that people and faces eluded me when it came to drawing. I took a look at his faces and thought, "Hey, that's almost as good as work I was doing in high school!" So I dug some of them out.

The weird thing is that 20 years gives you some perspective. I actually was okay at this drawing business! Why was I so hard on myself? I really did not see any talent beyond my years here.

If my kids brought home sketches like this from school I would be high- fiving them! And I think my parents did too, in their own way (I remember them complimenting my art and being proud of me), but I also am not sure I showed them a lot of things. Oddly enough (ahem) 20 years has also blurred my memory a bit.

So I am having a fun little trip down memory lane with these sketches and seeing drawings that I have not even looked at in close to two decades.

Stay tuned for some more sharing. I'm not doing anything much in my CURRENT artistic life, so why not reminisce? ;-)


Jen said...

Whoa! These are great! I'm especially impressed with the figures. Why did we give up this part of ourselves? (I was going to say YOU, but then I would be a big hypocrite).

Baby By The Sea said...

I love this! How great for you to share a bit of your past self. It sometimes makes me feel weird when I show my kids some old pottery or old metal work I did and my kids say, "why don't you do that anymore?" I hope they see a way in life to stick with passions better than me..

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

They are excellent! I didn't know you liked drawing too. I've always drawn and I still suck at action. I'm impressed!

You know, they still sell drawing paper and pencils? : )

UK lass in US said...

I think the problem is that when you are drawing something you are concentrating on the very minute details and there's so many areas where you can feel that it didn't turn out 'just' as you imagined it - never mind the fact that if you would step back and look at it with fresh eyes, you could see the quality of it.

My brother is using a pencil drawing that I did of him as his facebook profile. It's been making me think that I ought to draw again. I drew so many people but have never drawn my own kids...

beemahoney said...

over all of the drawing i did in the age when I wanted to do it SO well, all charcoal and smudges, I happen to do it best now! as your washed up grown up friend! Polly and friends are constantly asking for drawings of dogs and people (mermaids esp) and other things, that somehow come to somewhat realistic on the paper. YOU had it as a teenager, really had it. I bet you could cartoon the crazy out of something for the boys, and real it even better - should draw your have always been so good at this naturally..