Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Used Without Permission and Ellie Stuff

Ellerie had her end of the year program for preschool yesterday. We, of course, were running late and somehow our camera had the tiniest memory card ever in it so these pictures are courtesy of Papa Paul. Running late? Moi? I know, it's hard to believe. Grandma Betty wondered why (nicely, not accusingly) and I could only reply that it's just what we do and shake my head. Oh well, no more late for preschool mornings until next fall! Yippee! Next year I may get all sappy as it will be my baby being done and moving on to school and no more of my favorite teachers and all that business, but for this year I am thrilled to have less trips per week. Ellie did a fab job singing and showing off for all the grandmas and grandpas and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Then we all came home and hung out in the sunshine, Ellie trading her fancy sandals for more appropriate attire. I mean, doesn't everyone play in the dirty back yard with the dog in a long dress and Big Brother's rainboots? But that's my girl sugar and spice AND snails and puppy dog tails.

This is also my girl. I took this a couple weeks ago. I don't remember the weather, but it was NOT hot outside. That was her getup: tank top and shorts, dress-up heels (thanks to GiGi chewing the bow off one of them), and a fur lined vest recently handed down from the neighbor girls. Hot Stuff, I tell you.

I have a feeling Miss Fashionista and I will butt heads over clothing choices once or twice before we're done. It's already starting as, currently, I have to remind her quite frequently to just put it on. And with the weather turning all of 70 here, she is in full on bathing suit mode, wanting to daily wear all of them (we have several hand me downs from the neighbor girls who have a pool). I have to confess that it IS fun to have a girl though. Right now. So, I'd better go enjoy her because I might not say the same in, say, 8 years. ;-)


Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

She has style! And yes, you will. Many times. Including the first time the dress up heels fit, when they are going along with a dress up dress to a dance, when you wipe a little bit of that eye shadow off and there is a vision you can't believe before your eyes...enjoy : )

And make sure you have room in the camera when she comes out in the prom dress with the rainboots and says that is what she's wearing ; )P.S. She is only kidding.
P.P.S. maybe.

Jen said...

Just wait until she starts critiquing your clothing choices! I did that to my poor parents. "Dad! You cannot leave the house wearing that shirt and those socks! They don't match!"

Artfulife said...

I have to shake my head sometimes at my girls fashion choices lol :)