Friday, April 9, 2010


Well, we've had a little excitement around here and it's isn't just that I figured out how to knit these darling baby booties with my own modifications (see end of post), although that was kind of exciting for me too. Baby What's-His-Name came 10 days early and is no longer What's- His- Name. Milo Andrew, we're so glad to finally meet you. I didn't ask permission from the proud and exhausted parents to post his GORGEOUS little face (I'm talking heartbreaker here, people), but I'm gonna assume his feet are okay.

Milo was 8 lbs 8 oz at birth and 21 inches long. You can imagine Amy was rather glad to get him out early. His feet, thankfully no longer jabbing at her ribcage, are just like my brother's and so much like Calvin's as a newborn. Check out that big toe! You can see why I needed to add some size to "newborn" booties, 'cuz these are not your run of the mill newborn feet.

I won't get all sentimental right now over this little man, named after my grandfather, who has made my big brother a daddy. I won't babble about how his coming has been such a fun adventure for my kids sparking strange conversations with Tate who doesn't really remember me being pregnant with Elle. His asking about childbirth and deciding very firmly that he doesn't ever want to have a baby in HIS belly, but his insisting that he remembered being in mine: "I think it was dark." I won't go gushing on about how much we've all just loved Milo from the moment we knew he was conceived, but if Ellerie's BAWLING tantrum last night (Mama **SOB** **SOB** I want to see the BABY. **SOB** I want to *SOB* *SOB* tickle him!!!!) when I went to meet him at the hospital is any indication, then we do so love him an awful lot.

Milo we're awfully glad you're here safe and sound.

I realize that anyone with the smallest sense about knitting could probably modify this easy pattern to make it bigger, but I felt sort of proud of myself and I want to remember in case I need to make another pair someday, so here are Milo's baby bootie modifications from the original pattern found here:

(worsted weight yarn, size 6 needles)

CO 8 st (leave longish tail to sew seam)
K 26 rows
add 14 st to each side
K12 rows
bind off (leave longish tail to sew seam)
overlap sides over toe, right over left on one and left over right on the other
sew up toes and sides
turn out


Feather said...

oh! and *sigh* and *swoon*. how i long for more of those tiny feet! kind of. sometimes. but not really. but to hold and love on one again, that belongs to someone else? i'll have some of that, please. you lucky dogs, you. and ellerie, i want to tickle him, too!

Korana said...

adorable booties and adorable baby!! I want to tickle him too. heehee, what a funny little thought to have. And yes Tate, chances are that it was pretty dark.

Artfulife said...

So fun, babies are sparking lot's of interesting conversations around here also. Milo is such a cute name too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

P.S. Love the booties :)

beemahoney said...

i love him. and the booties are awesome. sooo happy for Andy - as is my whole family - forwarded the pics, and they were all so happy. even cowboys get the blues...

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

So so sweet, both the feet and the booties! We have feet like that in our family, too. But Elissa, be still my Finnian was very very nearly a Milo. Finnian wasn't even on our list and Milo was in the top running. Have no memory of why or where we pulled Finnian from, but my point is, I LOVE Milo's name!

UK lass in US said...

Aw, look at those wee toes...

Well done on modifying the pattern - they're a nice quick knit, aren't they? I dreamt that I made some out of fabric the other day, which lets you know how boring my dreams are. I've never once been able to fly in my dreams...