Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In Which We Get Visitors

I get a little bummed out sometimes not having the people closest to me, well, very close to me. At the risk of sounding creepy, if I could just put all our family and closest friends on the same street so we could all just hang out whenever we wanted, I would do it. Maybe I was spoiled growing up with my best friend right down the street, but now she's an hour away and that gets tricky between the "schedules" and health of 7 children between us. Last week was spring break for us and she managed to come up for a few hours. And even though, when I look at these pictures, I still think "Man we look like we live in a dirt pit," the kids don't mind so why should we?

I never take good pics when Meg and I are together. I hate to stop visiting long enough to concentrate on my camera. I do love this picture of Tate and Polly though.

And these little curly-headed, dirt-smeared dears.

Their visits never last long enough, but we'll take them any way they come.

We'll also take this guy any way HE comes. Remember Milo's feet? Well, here is his perfect little face! This pic was taken in the hospital when he was less than a day old. I was lucky enough to be stopping for my brief introduction when he decided to wake up for a little bit and look around. Is there anything sweeter?

My brother and Amy have had a dicey couple of weeks as new parents of newborns often do, but they brought Milo to us on Sunday and we're so glad they did. Elle finally got to tickle her baby cousin!

Tate again with the face peering! But he's my sweetie about that baby... just keeps asking me about babies and about all of them when they were babies and he says "I can't wait to see Milo again; he's just so cute!!" I love the look Milo is giving Tate here.

And then after all the tickling and peering and ooohing and aahing,

I think we wore him out.

And then Aunt Liss got to hold him while he slept and that was nice. And then I got to hand him back when he fussed and, I must confess in spite of all the warm fuzzies babies bring with them, that was even nicer. :-)


Scented Sweetpeas said...

aaahh that little Milo is sooo sweet! Great photos there of the older ones interacting with him.

Jen said...

Oh My GAWWSH, that is a cute baby! I'm like you. I want all my friends to live in my neighborhood. My parents and in-laws though, not so much.

Hey, I know you've taken on a few extra kiddos lately, and wanted to get some advice. Can you email me?

beemahoney said...

love you Liss - I loved coming "over" to see you, and hope next time to bring some children who are more cooperative along with me. hehe. Milo is beautiful.

beemahoney said...

OH! and your house is lovely, wonderful, and many other good things.

Artfulife said...

I miss being so far away from family & dear friends. I'm with you, wish we could all be close together. Thankfully I have made some very sweet friends here. I still miss everyone else. That little Milo is pretty darn near the cutest baby I have ever seen :)

Termer Updates said...

Wow...Milo is adorable and Amy looks great! It must be exciting to see your kids interact with the new baby. congratulations to you all!

UK lass in US said...

Aw, what a sweetie.

I'd settle for living in the same country as my family and friends. Every time I go home it feels like I haven't been away, but it is so hard during the years in between.

Feather said...

i'm so with you! i'd love to just cohabitate with all my besties. it would be awesome! oh, and you'd totally be there. right next door. with a spare gallon of milk just waiting for me. because i'm always out. oh, and eggs. two extra egss, always!
i've gotta get my hands on a baby.

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

They start out so LITTLE. Still get flutters with his name and can I say...that is one gorgeous newborn and ummm, that cannot be the woman who birthed him? She looks too darn good to be a new mom!

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

By the way, I have one close friend nearby, a "new" friend I made in a new parents group when our girls were newborns, but my best friends from way back when live far away, so I understand. Our phone bills suffer. And brother (best friend of Mike and me) is in Antarctica a lot of the time.