Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programing

I am telling you, the last couple weeks have been ridiculous. Doctor appointments for each one of us for different reasons, ear infections, fevers, pneumonia scares, attempts to sneak in belated birthday celebrations, too many missed days of school and church, way too much tv for the kids, WAY WAY too many bloody noses, inoculations, and one almost knocked out tooth. I am SO ready to get back to regular life and to enjoy the rest of the advent season.

Money is tight, but there will still be (a lot of practical) presents under the tree. Can everyone say sheets and socks and underwear? And the blessings and miracles of Christmas are plenty no matter what.

The first of which is Birdie actually letting me put ponies in her hair!!! There were some protests, as usual, but I managed to convince her that dancers all wear their hair back. Everything is about dancing these days, be it "ballerina moves" or "shake-a-booty moves."

Another recent blessing comes to us via Nana and Papa, who generously donated some outside lights to our cause. The kids have been asking for, oh I don't know, three years (?) to have outside lights at Christmas. Thank you! We love them.

Wishing you all a blessed Christmas season, wherever it finds you.


nicola@which name? said...

you guys seems to have been battling sickies all year. is there something underlying? man that is a bummer. e's piggy tails are SO cute! i remember lala's at that age. tiny little corkscrews (she had curls back then).
missing our email and blog chats. i hope things settle down for you soon. any updates on the things that have fallen apart around you?

Feather said...

i was starting to worry about you! poor gal...i can see why an overnight with your bff would sound so appealing right now! i'm sorry for all the sickness. it really can wear a mama out, yes? perhaps we can catch up over some coffee some morning? :-)