Sunday, November 22, 2009

Somebody's Five Now

Five seems like such a big number for my babies to reach. Tate has hit it today and I have to admit that I actually don't mind him getting bigger. Any of them really. There always seems to be some fabulous new advantage to their growing that replaces whatever bit of babydom that I might feel sad about losing. My little man woke this morning and I asked him if he felt different. What it felt like being five. He said "I feel like a chicken-fried head!"


Five was the only birthday Cal has had a friend party for, so Tate deserved one as well. He was so sweet choosing families that we are friends with and kids from age 2 to 7, mostly girls! Last year I made him a birthday crown and a few days before his friend party he started asking me to make him something. Oops. Hadn't really planned anything this year. I was busy stressing about throwing a party and nothing "handmade specific" was on my radar for him. Still, when your babe ASKS you to make something, you find a way to do it. So I drummed up a wonky "Tate" banner and now have thoughts of one for each of them and a multi-use "happy birthday" one to hang above.

The friend party was a success, as were the word search puzzles that Tate is currently in love with. There were some threats before hand about the party being cancelled, as he was NOT thrilled with the puzzle book HE got and wanted a different one and was acting like a naughty little stinker over it. Luckily his big brother generously offered to switch and the day was saved.

The highlight of the day for me was his awesome cupcakes. I saw this idea on a google image search and Mike figured out it was fondant. But neither of us had any experience with the stuff and the idea of trying to make it for the first time for a party seemed too intimidating. Luckily, I mentioned it to my friend Kelly and she saved the day. Firstly, she knew you could buy fondant already made and colored and, more importantly, she LIKES to cook and bake and try new things and is really good at it. She traced and cut out little patterns for us and she and I made all the pieces the night before and it turned out so cool and was really fun and easy; like playing with edible play dough!

Totally awesome for my little Mario obsessed dude.

Ah, a success!
Little man Tate, Pip, Pippy, Pippa, Pippa Pants, Pippa Dippa, Tatopotumus, Tato, Hot Potato, Honey Bunny, Goofball, Knucklehead. Whatever the name, you are my silly, ridiculously stubborn, creative, smart, unstoppable, funny little man. And my baby boy always.

Enjoy 5 in all its glory.


Dana said...

Happy birthday little dude! :)

Melissa Crowe said...

Happy Birthday, Tate! I love five!

(And those cupcakes rock, Mama!)

Feather said...

there is nothing more wonderful to me than my kids requesting something mama-made. seriously, with all the commercialized stuff out there, it just shows what a great mom you are that your kids recognize the love that goes into those kind of gifts. love the crown. love the wonky banner.

happy birthday, tate!

nicola@which name? said...

oh my gosh he is so cute and is it possible he LOOKS older? happy FIVE little man! it is an age of so much growth and potential. (i know. not only have i BEEN 5, but my girl has been 5 for two whole months already! LOL)

what a sweet lovely post, banner, and boy!


Theresa said...

Geez. On the one hand, Tate is FIVE?? On the other hand, it's only been five years since poor little Tate had horrible infant gas, and I played blocks with what was then Silent Cal???