Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Summer's Day

The kids have played outside so nicely this morning. I managed to mop my kitchen floor, after the pink milk spill this morning caused me enough of a gross-out factor to abandon my usual "oh, let's just wipe it up" policy. In a few minutes my load of diapers will be clean and I'll be hanging them out on the line. What more could I ask of on a summer's day? In honor of such a day, my favorite "new" summer salad. (Thanks Jen!)

salad greens
feta cheese
sliced strawberries



nicola said...

and you are back to cloth diapers!
i love a day like that! (can you wish me one? mine have been awful-but-trying-to-see-the-positive lately!)

A Day That is Dessert said...

yum! Love it when the kids play independently.

beemahoney said...

so happy for not having diapers anymore, but the clothes line misses them really. the salad makes me hungry *)

Dana said...

Yum. Now I'm hungry. :)

Korana said...


Sherrie said...

add some blueberries, pecans and spinach!

lil songbird mama said...

ummmo! that's my kind of salad!