Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas

Finally, I am starting to feel some Christmas Spirit around here.  Even though we have most of our shopping done and I have been working on some projects here and there; between the kids being sick and the van being stolen and repaired, I feel more like I have been in a Christmas Funk.  

But, we have fun plans for tonight including homemade pizza with Uncle Andy and Aunt Amy followed by a showing of Rudolph, which my kids have actually never seen.  And I am starting to really get excited about gifts we are giving and, in this case, making.  

You see, this little man LOVES campfires and roasting marshmallows (and hot dogs).  You COULD say he is borderline obsessed with it.  It is a frequent subject of discussion and requested at ALL sorts of times.  No Tate, we couldn't really have a fire (well, we could, but your mama isn't all that into being frozen) in the snow and roast hot dogs.

I am hoping this little project of mine will carry him over until next summer:

The two pieces of fire fit together to make it three dimensional and it helps it stand up.  Although, I have to admit that the thickness of the sticks still makes it a bit wobbly.  I might rethink that if I ever make another one.

 The roasting sticks are fit with 16 gauge craft wire to give the some strength to hold up the velcro attached marshmallows.

I made 6 marshmallows, which was probably too many as there are only two sticks.  But it was everything I could do to tell myself that I truly did NOT have enough time to make a huge bag of them and embroider it as an homage to Fluffy Puff Marshmallows.  (For anyone unfamiliar with Homestar Runner, I am so sorry if I have disappointed you with my decidedly juvenile sense of humor here).  I might still do it after Christmas if I get a chance.  I mean, they do need to be stored in something right?

In the meantime, roast away Tate, roast away.  


beemahoney said...

now that is cool.

UK lass in US said...

My daughter was just asking about roasting marshmallows today (we saw some marshmallows in the shop). She must have enjoyed it, as the last time we roasted marshmallows was well over a yar ago, when she was two. I couldn't believe that she remembered that...

Artfulife said...

That video made me giggle. The cute little fire with the marshmallows is too cute for words. He is going to love it.

Patty T said...

Ok, now that is too darned cute! What a crafty girl!

Dana said...

OH! MY! STINKIN'! HECK!! That is the coolest and most creative gift I've seen in blogland this season!!!!