Monday, December 22, 2008

I Couldn't Stay Away

What can I say?  I have things to share!  Briefly though folks, it's late and I'm all sleepy and such.  I really made it sound, in the last post, like I was going to be buckling down didn't I?  And, I have been working on things.  Really.  No, really.  But, FIRST, there were other things to attend to.  We have been having snow, upon snow, upon snow, around here, so there was some of this:

And then I had to make one of these:

And, of course there had to be some of these:

And, what I have managed to finish tonight (two WHOLE days before Christmas mind you) are these: 

Well, off to bed for tonight.  Dear, sweet Mike has been wrapping up a little storm while I cursed that embroidery thread some more.  Only one more crafty project to finish and I'll be sure to post pics of that and my other trinkets I've whipped up at some point.  In the meantime....  Merry Christmas!  (this time for real, I mean it.  I think.)


Simple Midwest Mom said...

Those little robots are so cute! It sounds like you've been busy and I can't wait what else your busy hands have been making!

Lori said...

your robots are just fantastic!! :^D)