Friday, October 12, 2012

So? What?

Hello, October! What, I'm sorry? You're almost half over already?  Yeah, yeah.  I can't keep up.  I feel like a dork, but how do people have full time jobs and a house and kids?  Something has to go, right? You/They don't have it all together right? I'd be in a padded cell before you know it!  And, clearly, I wouldn't be working on something like this: 

We've got Halloween on the brain around here.  Not because I'm such a major fan of the holiday...  I mean, I love the idea of All Saints Day and candy is kind of fun (though I can't seem to get into cheap chocolate anymore.  I'm a snob), but I'm not much for the scary stuff.  But COSTUMES?  Come on... who doesn't like a good excuse to play dress up? 

 Ellie's costume is pretty much finished and was rather easy peasy, but it isn't warm so I need to work on that.  We don't live in Halloween- as- a- Mermaid weather.  And Tate can't seem to make up his mind... Minecraft Creeper?  Ninjago Kai?  Super Mario King?  Calvin has known right from the start though that he wants Zane from Lego Ninjago.... who just happens to be a robot.  I'm having fun.

In other news, Mike's been working on my basement crafting room.  So excited to share pics of that, but I'm just going to wait until he's got the floor in.  Truthfully, I'm just excited to get the clutter of my sewing stuff out of my tiny bedroom!  But putting new paint on walls in my basement has made me notice how dingy and banged up a lot of the paint is around the rest of the house.  I want some on the walls but for now I'm just spray painting a frame?  A recent visit with a friend inspired me to fix up a kids' art display.  Not sure if I'm going with color or sort of a mettalic finish.  I'll surprise you.  
Wait for it.

It feels really good to be doing something.  I think I've been in a creative and emotional funk for far too long.  I've put progress on the back burner and felt super stagnant because of not knowing what was ahead, instead of just moving forward with what I know and what I've got now. Living in the land of "whatifs" has made me a real bummer, so I'm making a conscious choice to focus on what's good and to really and truly give my worry to God for once.  (SNORT.  Probably famous last words, but I'm working on it). This week I did put in some applications around for part time work and am just trying to stay focused on my home and family and be positive.  Sometimes knowing our choice to have me stay home has put a financial strain on us really gets me down, but then I remember all the good things I get to do for my family because I have time, and all the little things that my kids and husband don't have to worry about because I have time, and then I find two perfect condition boys' North Face down winter coats at the thrift store for 6 and 7 dollars apiece and know I could only save that money because I had time.  So mostly I'm feeling blessed and just trying to enjoy it all a little more.  So what if my house isn't perfect?  How mad would I have been THEN when Ellie wrote on the couch (accidentally) with purple pen?  So what if my windows are smudgy, shouldn't kids get to make smiley faces in the condensation?  So what if there's a hole in my bathroom ceiling from the roof leaking and a plastic bag on the broken window in my breezeway?  (Well, the "so what" to those is actually that it's making my house cold and, um, my ROOF is leaking ... but you get the idea)

Hopefully I'll be back soon with some finished up stuff.  But if I'm not, so what? ;-)


Kath said...

Love you awesome little sister

Baby By The Sea said...

What to rock the costume part of Halloween -- it's really the best part. It is my favorite time of year, you know:)
Seriously, good job sewing.
Happy Halloween and and can't wait to see when your costumes are all done.

Melissa Crowe said...

Ooh! Ooh! What CAN'T be done in felt? Can't wait to see the finished costumes. (And I like your attitude, too!)

Jen said...

I know what you mean with the painting thing.
We just had our living and dining rooms painted and now I'm obsessed with the rest of the house! What's that saying... "an object in motion usually stays in motion"?

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

Enjoy being you Elissa : ) I agree with you wholeheartedly about being there. And Amen to 'so what'-ok I admit I'm struggling with that one right now..but-so what ; )

megan bay said...

wow.. good for you! exciting stuff!