Thursday, July 19, 2012


Photo by my sister, taken at her lovely pool.

It's been hot, people.  I know you all know this as half of you probably live somewhere that is even hotter than here.  But hot is awfully hot when you don't have central air and you are fighting a crazy algae problem in your tiny Intex pool because, well, it's been so dang hot.  Thankfully your sister's pool is dreamy and 40 minutes away does not seem at all unreasonable on a 96 degree day, especially when you can sit in your air conditioned car for those 40 minutes.  This morning is the first time my house started out below 80 in over a week.  And, what am I doing in these cool moments when I can finally move and not feel I am breathing through a stuffed sack?  Drinking hot coffee and wasting time on the computer, of course!  No sense in getting used to it.  It will be back up over 90 by the weekend.  

I have not been creative.  I have not been taking pictures, or sewing much, or doing much of anything except washing a lot of soggy towels and dreaming up things for dinner that don't really require cooking but no one will try to tell me "that's not SUPPER!!!!"  So far, hot dogs and popcorn were my biggest hit.  Now if I can just convince Mike that ice cream IS an acceptable dinner, even when they have a baseball game ;-)

I broke down and bought my kids a Wii game at Big Lots yesterday, something I almost never do.  Actually, that sentence was two things I almost never do:  take my kids to a store and buy them nonsense without a special occasion to prompt it.  The thing is, it was cheap.  And, truthfully, it's eye candy for me.  If you have not seen the art from Kirby's Epic Yarn and you are a crafter of any sort you have to check it out.  I want to live in this game:  entire worlds appear made of fabric and felt and yarn and buttons and sequins.  Woods, fields of flowers, underwater caverns, robots and soldiers, butterflies and treasure chests.  I might even have to play this game... right after I wash a load of towels.


Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

Anywhere is too hot without AC. I grew up in a house in Florida without it and I still haven't recovered ; ) And ice cream is perfectly acceptable for dinner, I had it twice this week!

Jen said...

I feel for you with no air conditioning! We had our first cool (77) day yesterday and it was awesome.

Baby By The Sea said...

Well, sitting on a soggy towel and thinking of recipes sounds just like a perfect way to pass time in sunshine..