Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Not To Be Corny, But....

We saw a whole lot of this yesterday.

No, really.

While Grandpa was gone camping, Grandma came and treated us to our first corn maze. It was super hot for October, every row looked the same as the last, and we never really ate lunch. It was still fun!

I couldn't help thinking it was the perfect setting for a murder mystery. We were in there for SO long and still didn't finish the whole thing. We got hot and thirsty and soon the kids were looking for the way out. Still missing half of our clues and dinosaur rubbings, we took a shortcut under the bridge to find some refreshment.

Cal and Grandma were the best at dino fact finding, but it was just too much for little legs. We finished up on Google when we got home.

After drinks we took a second shot at the mini-maze, where Cal managed to collect all five colors and Mama managed to still feel lost.

Ah, the cow train and a chance to sit down. Plus how can one resist a ride with your name on it?

Tate and Calvin rode the train at least five times and there was a little competitive tricycling

and duck races too.

So good to start the week outdoors and sun-soaked and hanging out with my family.

Maybe a little corny, but true.


Jen said...

I have to admit, I usually avoid the corn mazes. I have this thing about being lost, which I always am in those things! We went to a farm this weekend, and while I stood in line for ONE HOUR! for lunch food, Jim took Dylan in the corn maze... and lost him in the corn maze. SO glad I didn't know about that until later, when he was found! Love that last shot of the corn!

Baby By The Sea said...

The last corn maze I could see over, but I'll have to find a good one. Maybe more for the photo op, but also for the memory. Love your pictures.

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

It does look like a lovely fall day with the family. We sadly have no corn close by but I guess we could try to find our way through the bamboo in my yard; )
And you made it out. Did you hear about the poor family who had to call 911 for help?

Theresa said...

Corn: it's in the genes. In more ways than one ;o)

lil songbird mama said...

i love a good corn maze!