Friday, July 1, 2011

June is Done

Well, we rounded out June and the start of summer vacation with some water time with good friends.

Then we dove straight into VBS week, prepping our church for the hundreds of kids that were relying on our team's 6 months of planning for an awesome week learning about how wild God is about all of us!

Whether because of us or in spite of us, God used these little kiddos to bring in a big supply of food for our community food cupboard

and a good chunk of change for church plants in Cambodia in only 4 days!

And, you know, I think they had a little fun too...


Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

Looks like a perfect ending to June.

And Wow! What a productive VBS you have. I'm very impressed by the planning you put in. Ours always seemed to be by the seat of it's pants. Good Works : )

beemahoney said...

I miss you! and good for you - must be a warm feeling finishing out this week *)

Jen said...

Dylan went to VBS also, and it was mind boggling to me the amount of planning that goes into one week!
Hope you have a great July!

Baby By The Sea said...

On the hangers are those name tags? Beautiful shot. Hope your week of VBS goes on without a hitch. Happy summer!