Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Doing LEGO His Way

Tate has, pretty much from day 1, liked to do things his own way. He really does march to his own drum most of the time, banging it himself as loudly as possible. And, while I often find his resistance to being told what to do or how to do it rather frustrating, it does ring oddly familiar..... :-)

For a long time, Tate was really not very interested in LEGOs. Those were Calvin's thing. So, I was surprised before Christmas when he began listing all kinds of LEGO sets on his gift "wishlist." Well, it did sort of backfire. He got several sets and pretty much had Cal build them. He had very little interest in sitting and following the intricate instructions to build the set and really wanted to just get to the point of playing with the results.

Still, give Tate 5 minutes and a pile of legos and you might just get Mario, no directions necessary.

Yes, he's just 6 and yes his mama does sort of think he's a bit of a genius. If not a genius of academics, one of creativity and resourcefulness. You want LEGO Mario and they don't make him anymore? Well, you make one yourself...... silly!

I mean, that mustache does kinda rock, doesn't it?


Jen said...

Very impressive! I hate to brag myself, but my husband kind of blows me away with his Lego inventions. I think he is reliving his childhood, or just experiencing the part he missed the first time around?!

Baby By The Sea said...

I'm super impressed. What a little hands-on genius. Every time my kids create their own toys like this, it makes me realize how little we need in toy boxes, closets, toy pins. And, it's so satisfying for them to make it, too.

blue china studio said...

Yes, the mustache rocks! A great lego creation.

And did I tell you I really love your new banner? It is very happy.

UK lass in US said...

I think that might just be the proper way to play with legos. I will admit, the kits are kind of nice when I want a few hours of peace from my son, but I love watching him put together something that he's dreamed up more.

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

We don't follow the directions at our house either. That's how you see how clever and creative he is! That Mario is Awesome!